Official Discussion: July 8th, 2021 Development Update

Read the latest Development Update here:

And one more reminder, Category Mod and Co-pilot apps are still open! We will be closing and reviewing them soon: [Applications Open] Category Moderators and Co-Pilots (Welcome Crew)

Please use this thread for discussion and feedback.


@Jummivana A couple of errors in the Bugs snapshot:

  1. The Tree Draw Distance / LOD Issues item seems to have gone missing from the snapshot. With 521 votes, it should be in place #12.

  2. UI Broken and Reset Settings in place #24 seems to have been a one-time thing which was already fixed by a Gaming Services update, and not a recurring issue like the wiped logbooks. The thread was active only for four days in February of this year and is currently locked, so it seems likely that investigation by the team is not needed on that one.


It was a lot of fun to be unexpectedly part of the Paris-Dakar Rally Charity Event, thank you for this opportunity! The success of this event is due to the organizers, as well as all the good people who participated and supported this event. This community is amazing! Thank you again!

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Nice Dev update, but my question is, why have Justsim released another Barcelona airport? One is already out in the marketplace. Devs in my opinion should be focusing on different airports that have not been announced yet.



What is the other plane added to the MarketPlace?

The Dev Update only shows the Carenado C170B.

High quality terrain map after zooming in scheduled for 27 July 2021? Does this coincide with SU5? I thought that was on the 29th?

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the update is the 27th

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I think it means the world map is improved upon. Not that it’s better terrain.


oh really? I assume terrain mapping referred to the terrain mesh itself. A little misleading then…

Will you please fix the AMD GPU and Reverb G2 crashing to desktop? It’s been 6 months now and the sim is unusable at its current state.


I think on the xbox reveal they had bing maps satellite on the world map. So it may well be this.

I had really hoped that we would see them mention air movement. Of all the things in the sim this, to me, is the most important to all aircraft.


Interesting that they put a specific date for the performance fixes but for the tree lod issue, they put SU6, which is basically the same tmk, no?

27th of July is SU5 (+Xbox release).
The tree LOD problem that is connected to latitude will be fixed with SU5 according to the latest dev Q&A. But this item in the list is more general (it says “Trees, water”) so maybe there is more to come. SU6 is planned for September.

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When I was looking for a new pc to run the sim in the summer of last year I spent a lot of time watching videos from those in the beta programme, post the NDA being lifted. I settles on a Ryzen 5 3600XT with Radeon RX5700XT and 32gb RAM as that seemed most bang for you buck. When I got it everything was tickety boo. I even flew half way around the world in the TBM with no issues whatsoever. Then early in the new year things took a dive with the CTD issue hitting me hard, almost exclusively the VCRUNTIME140.dll error. Bear in mind that the pc was only being used for MSFS and the only mods I used at that point were a couple of liveries and the Navigraph data.

Fast forward to today and any career addons such as OnAir or Air Hauler 2 are unusable because of the CTDs, especially if real weather is used and even just flying vanilla flights can still find me staring at my desktop. It’s so frustrating as when it works it’s great however the crashes make the whole thing an unpleasantly stressful event waiting for the CTD.

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Just a guess but I’m thinking the developers test on Intel/NVidia.

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