Official Discussion: June 10th, 2021 Development Update

No. Was said long ago that wu5 was mid june and su5 july

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Correct, this was fixed with WU4 i believe.

But hey! I made it on the list!
Am i famous?

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CPU has something to do with it. If you use DLSS you offload the GPU, so your bottleneck is not GPU anymore unless you limit your framerate to 30. And your new bottleneck will be main thread, which causes stutters. A better GPU/DLSS can actually worsen performance if you have a CPU with bad single threaded performance. You need a balanced system so you are always limited by the GPU.

DLSS will only help people with a very slow GPU and very fast CPU.

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But it was also said that SU4 would come out alongside a World Update…so something changed

That was what we were told some time ago, but clearly that decision has been changed since then.

Isn’t there any new photogrammetry cities with the upcoming WU5 ??

And thus no communication as to why…!

DLSS don’t use any CPU power, and DLSS offer a way to nearly double the power of your GPU. It mean whatever GPU you have which allow DLSS (RTX series) you’ll be able to crank your graphics settings until you still GPU limited (this is the way to avoid stutters I agree).
It mean for me for example, with my “poor” RTX3070, I’ll be able to get the same result than a RTX3080 or even RTX 3090, coupled with my i7-10700K. It will also allow me to put all that GPU extra power to supersample my VR resolution (render scale) and raise my VR graphics settings because currently I have to lower them a lot to match my locked fps target.

People will be free to activate it or not. I will for sure.


DX12 will only help separate CPU threads where those threads were blocked by calling into the GPU driver, not where they’re running the flight simulation.

Hopefully it’ll help, I just don’t expect much. Rumors are they’ve made some other general improvements while doing DX12 rendering improvements, so hopefully those will be real too.

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Due to CPU maximized In VR I have 45 fps with the F15 model C (Steam gauges) and only around 20 fps with the F15 Model E (Glass screens). AFAIK they said DX12 will allow them to separate glass screens management from Mainframe. If they do that, I’m hoping it will improve a lot the experience for glass cockpit IMHO.


Is “flighting” a word Microsoft invented to replace “beta test”?
Google, Wikipedia and my dictionary didn’t help.

Speaking of beta-test, I’m wondering when they release the info about signing up as a beta tester. They mentioned it in the last dev Q&A to happen “soon”, and I’d expect it to open before the next Q&A… And we’re getting close to that date now… But who knows…

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