Official Discussion: June 23rd, 2022 Dev Update

Storm looks bad to the bone ! Looking forward to purchasing this one !

CRJ Update changelog anyone?

And no word on an SU10 Beta. I expected by how they went on in the last Q&A about how they wanted to get it out to testers ASAP to give them as much time as possible to “flight” that it would be at least announced by now.

Looks like not…


Give that some time to mature or Asobo to fix the AI model, right now you get commercial jets flying down the street.

It did make airports look so good you put up with it

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What the heck 300kbps? Usually im at 700+ mbps downloads

Eta nm after a minute i bounced off that and instantly downladed in one second…

As close to an “announced date” is the info Jorg furnished in the interview in this thread: New Interview with Jorg on MSFS 40th Anniversary And More

Sounds like sometime in later July:
" Calum [FSElite]: So we’re expecting the flight testing anytime soon?

Jorg: So we’re launching it on August 23. It will be in July. Right now, internally, the test team has enough time to actually test the build we have in our branch right now. And then we test it, make sure that the most obvious things are good, and then we give it out to the community and they’ll probably have a month."



Agree, feels like it will be a big update and much things to test. As long as they take all of the issues reported in the BETA equally serious i think it will be a good update when it’s released in August.

I think also if they communicate more than in previous BETAS with the testers, 1 month would be much more valuable testing than previous BETAS. Whats the point with a BETA if there is no communication between testers and developers? If the BETA is the same as previous BETA test they could actually release it for all of us instantly. Same thing. We will all be forced to use the BETA in August anyway.


I think that’s wishful thinking.


Wondering the same thing, been asking for it for a very long time, even contacted Asobo / Microsoft with no result so far. It would definitely improve the immersion until we have better default models and AI.

Btw just noticed that the Marketplace has not even been updated yet, at least not on Xbox

My guess is that most Windows PCs are already configured to report crashes directly to Microsoft by default, via Windows Error Reporting. It’s not clear to me that the telemetry added to Xbox was much more sophisticated than that, or applicable to PC in any way.

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No Dev Q&A this month?

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Didn’t they say that the SU10 pre-flight beta starts very soon in the last dev update?
Now we hear from FSElite’s interview with Jorg that it starts in late July? Am I missing something?

Same way with the thermals. Seb said that thermals are the reason for that minor turbulence during day hours. Then Jorg says the thermals aren’t implemented at all.

There seems to be major miscommunication happening within the MSFS team and I really don’t know what to think now.


Jorg often says things. For example, in the last Q&A he said he had “no problems” answering questions on the forums. Because they “ought” to be answered.

Me and others tried to get the community managers attention, to remind him. To see if we could make this happen, somehow, in a limited fashion. They don’t even bother to say no…it’s like always, absolute silence with a token statement that they “continue to evolve the communication procedures” from some community managers who I very much doubt talks to them at all. They are just not interested in having a conversation.

They just release a build to get logging (of course only for XBox as that’s all that matters these days) which tells me they are nowhere close to solving these CTD issues. They got no idea what the problem is yet, let alone how to fix it.

Then the snapshot is delayed again. The QA is delayed too. Some people are on holiday, which is fair enough. I hope they have a good time. But this seems like it’s going to be rush thing once again.

August doesn’t seem like enough time. The delay seems to get eaten up by people on vacation (again, everyone deserves a vacation), I hope they delay the release if needed and actually listen to the BETA testers this time.


Given the fact that the 3 guys from the “Dev Q&A” more Marketing Managers than Development Managers and that Marketing is always telling the “truth” what do you expect?

Beta starting this week?
In this case Santa Claus really lives at the northpole.


Martial is the Executive Producer and Seb the Head of Flight Model development. They are doing everything but working for Marketing.


In relation to Sim Update 10


  • Sim Update 10:
    • Terrain & Weather Radar Drawing APIs
    • NavData API
    • Aircraft Editor V2
    • Game rendered in a window in the DevMode

What about DX12 full implementation and DLSS?

The roadmap is for 3rd-Party Devs.

AFAIK there was never lost a word which new features are in an SU for the customers.

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I know the job titles of them.
But in their Advertising and Marketing Show they all 3 behave like Marketing Managers.

Wasn’t the whole idea of pushing SU10 to August, so they could have two months of BETA testing instead of 3 or 4 weeks like SU8 and 9? Last week they said to stay tuned, then nothing this week? At least, give an update please.

Sounds like they’re going to have 1 month again…for a supposedly huge update…