Official Discussion: Junkers Ju 52

The thing that makes me pretty bonkers is this aircraft is really nearly there.

It isn’t like it is a hot mess. It just needs to have a couple of small issues addressed and it would be greatly improved and essentially completed.

It is really awesome.


Good news, the strong Sunglass will gone soon… :clap:


How did you get this information please?
And do you have more details?

I saw it already, trust me


The plane stays encrypted after SU10. No community fix to expect.


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Will be update published tomorrow?

Do you know when it will be released please?

This will take time. Sorry.

It is sad when I see how quickly is fixed S.55 for example.

My Junkers seems to sway to one side during takeoff. It seems a bit too much? Could it be the wind? I tried taking off from the other end of the same runway and sure enough it did not sway as much. If it is the wind then it must be hurricane conditions, which it was NOT during my flight. I have to use almost full rudder to keep the Plane straight. Any thoughts?

Yesterday I had similar experience with other aircraft. But when I checked airport wind indicator it was clear to me :slight_smile: - very strong crosswind
It looks like SU10 changed this little bit. From my experience it is close to reality.