Official Discussion: March 3rd, 2022 Development Update

Check out the latest Development Update here:

Please use this thread for feedback and discussion. Thank you!


No marketplace update…hopefully this means the Aerosoft CRJ and PMDG DC-6 are on the cusp?

At least when I’m disappointed I can filter out all the “enhanced” lights thanks to SU8.


11 night Enhanced products tonight… welcome to the flight night enhanced simulator 2022


If you saw yesterday’s Dev Q&A livestream, Jorg mentioned that we have a potential fix currently under development that will enable these planes to come to Xbox without having to wait on an Xbox OS update to resolve the underlying system issue. We’re very excited to make both of these planes available to our Xbox players, but the fix is still undergoing internal testing. To manage expectations so you don’t set yourself up for disappointment, the Aerosoft CRJ and PMDG DC-6 will not be part of this week’s Marketplace update when it goes live tomorrow.


Just wanted to point out a small issue: the feedback snapshots still mention SU8 items as “started”, those should be marked as fixed I think :slight_smile:

Not sure why it says SU8 for approach flyback bug when that wasn’t fixed.


Except for the VR Volumetric Lights which is not fixed and a wider bug now than before SU8 release!

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Hopefully we get March 3rd update soon and not make us wait until this evening.


Yh exactly. The world won’t exactly catch fire if it is released 20 hours late instead of 24.

Why does it always have to wait until the last second before the office goes home in the evening?


Would it be possible to do a beta test like with the Sim Updates? It would be nice if Xbox users could actually verify that it works.

The Marketplace update can now be seen here:

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The update process is without a doubt the most mind-numbing process I have ever been involved with. I am not sure if I am running MSFS, looking at the MS Store site, or running X-box. Could you please try and make the update process less confusing. If not, try documenting the steps. Or, perhaps this is too difficult because you have Steam, X-box and PC users out there. All I can do is shake my head and be thankful I still have my P3D box up and running.

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