Official Discussion: May 19th, 2022 Dev Update

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Beta preview hot fix worked for me on series X


Feeling a bit kicked in the teeth over here on Xbox.

What, with the WU9 CTD debacle, the ongoing SU9 issues and then 1 out of 16 new Marketplace items is for Xbox?


No sugar.


This is definitely a 1st. Even delaying the Local Legend, wow. Is this a sign they’re taking it seriously?


I quite agree. This weekend pc users get the Fenix A320 while on xbox we get absolutely nothing. The WU is crashing our sim, the WU is terrible quality with trees invading cities which has been fixed by a friendly user for pc but of course we can’t get that because we are on xbox. The famous flier has been postponed. Again. There is only one new thing in the marketplace updates for xbox and it’s an airport and even that has been delayed, nonsensically because of the crashing problems. I don’t know why I bother.


When Xbox memory links be fixed in tired of the screens going black and then CTD long flights hopefully y’all can fix Xbox version


Insider build worked for me, had to restart twice, and now it is running smoothly on Xbox Series X.


Hi my hot fix is working much better but about to restart again as it crashes if doesn’t work this time going to reinstall the Sim again I’ll let you know how it goes

Anyone else not able to use the 3rd party add ons with SU9?

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This thread is all we are concerned. Nothing on Mem leak at all in todays blog. â– â– â–  of you guys?


Xbox Series X

  • Looks so far like the beta patch has worked. I was able to get past the splash screen without a CTD.
  • Still have the “mystery” download that freezes everything for 10sec or so.
  • Still have game freeze after clicking on world map on main page
  • Had a successful short flight, so seems to be back and running
  • I did not try downloading the WU9
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Did I miss something or is this dev update missing the usual roadmap and wishlist/issues lists?

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Where did it crash?

Unfortunately, this Beta fix did not work for me.

I joined the the Beta from the Insider Hub and restarted the Xbox per the instructions. Noticed the Xbox took an exceptionally long time to restart.

When it restarted, I tried to launch the sim, the sim wouldn’t launch. The intro screen with the TBM930 would come on for about two seconds then CTD. This occurred several times. This was different than the original CTD issue.

Restated the Xbox again (very delayed again) and tried to relaunch the sim. This time it went to the intro screen then a new screen popped up and said the sim needed an update. The update was 29.37GB. Updated the sim and tried to relaunch.

This time it launched and made it thru the first few screens (World Update - Italy/Malta) to the “New Activities” screen. Then, about 3/4 thru loading this screen - yep - CTD… exactly what it was doing before. Tried another restart of the console but it didn’t matter.

I appreciate the candor, acknowledgment, and apology in your Dev Update. I hope you get this fixed SOON. But, this is extremely frustrating…


You need to download the update from Xbox download page. I have never tried an update from within the sim.

First, I’ll admit I not good with this stuff…

But what do you means update from Xbox? Where do I find that? If I go into the manage game option via the Xbox system there are no updates. I did find it odd after I restarted the Xbox after downloading the Beta it said the full game needed to be updated. And the Deluxe game of the year version I purchased several months ago did not show I purchased it… it made me repurchase that for $90 again…!

I’m sure I ended up doing something wrong but I followed the instructions to the T so I’m confused and very frustrated. This is a nightmare.

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This a real punch to the throat for me. With as much as I’ve spent on this game to have it go down for days is so disappointing. I bought this game and all the other add ons because of my deep love for it but I’m really starting to regret my decision. :frowning_face:


The wishlist/bugs is missing for me too.

and you purchased the game you already bought again? Can’t say I would’ve done that.

Yeah, I don’t know ■■■ I was thinking… I realize what I did now. I’ll request a refund and I feel more dumb. And, yet none of this changes the fact I STILL can’t access this game that I paid for…