Official Discussion: May 19th, 2022 Dev Update

I’d say that statement may end up being a little premature, mate.

Still getting CTD on XBSX, spent over 6 hours reinstalling yesterday and first flight from Heathrow on world map CTD while loading.

I thought I’d fixed whole black screening issue, by just having minimal add-on loaded. In this belief I loaded in 777 freight and flew out of LFBD to finally do KSEA run. 7hrs in, just as I approached Canadian coast, screens went dark. I didn’t honk, so I can’t blame Trudeaus, but in disappointment I ended the flight with return to main menu option and CTD. Another 7hrs not logged, I discovered when I reloaded. I also found 3hrs of flight through PNG had disappeared from previous days flight with friends. Please sort this out, I hate having negative things to say about a game I’ve loved for 30+ years. Polish this diamond you’ve created.


I think on Xbox certainly at the moment it’s more of a cubic zirconium than a diamond, mate. Sadly.


A cubic zirconium is a man made diamond. This too is humans at the helm. The game/Sim is beautiful, modelling incredible, the work to date amazing.

The pressure the community is putting on them, they should be defecating diamonds. A roll back would’ve been sensible to some, maybe even me in my deeply disappointed moments.

However, this released better than a lot of highly hyped games did near to same time. I want to be able to run it with all my 3rd party additions and world updates, I’ve dropped a lot of coin like many others. I want study level planes, I want stability more. If that takes a moment longer, I’ll fly the base game, at least I’m flying. I’ve waited a lifetime for it to get this far. With the right amount of time and pressure… Whining is not going to get it done faster.

Yes I’m aware of that.

And I’m aware that these things take time. But I’m also aware that the sim has regressed on console. Considerably.

And we’re all allowed to voice our opinions and complaints, we’re all paying customers. You can view it as ‘whining’ if you want. I don’t. I see it as (reasonably) constructive criticism.

One week after the hot fix, still getting a bunch of stutters on approach and flights above two hours cause the game to crash. Makes me not want to use this sim anymore; but, of course I can’t because it’s the only one out for Xbox. Maybe we can talk about refunds?


CDT and game stutter, that was my experience today, thanks again Asobo !!

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Not only that but the first two airports I tested contained both the old airports with new on top. Rolling cache fresh for WU and all. No excuses the work is just sloppy and the testing even sloppier. It took me a whole few seconds to see the problems after loading in.

PG issues have never been addressed by Asobo and continue to get worse by compounding problems with conflicting assets. Instead of adding more to this sim they should be reducing the install size by removing conflicting and duplicate assets and fixing all these pack files. However I don’t think Asobo really knows what they are doing anymore.

I haven’t really seen any fixes actually FIXED in the last few updates even when listed as FIXED in the patch notes. In fact in many circumstances the bugs listed as fixed were actually worse. Case in point see Mouse Bugs fixed as a prime example.

Lets hope moving forward we can get some actual quality control on the sim instead of hyperbole and twitch streams with DLC that actually makes multiplayer performance worse in almost every aspect. Everyone enjoying all that new stuttering with the DLC flying around everywhere? Yeah back to Live traffic group mode.

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For the love of whatever you believe in. Please fix the stutters and FPS issues. It has been 4 weeks now.
Did they say anything about that in the Q&A session?

Yes they near enough said they can’t reproduce it. I’m still looking for my jaw in the basement.


Wow that really makes you wonder. All they have to do is panning the camera in the cockpit.
Or even better just compare the performance SU7, SU8 and SU9 simultaneously.
This isn’t rocket science.

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