Official Discussion: November 10, 2022 Development Update

For the new 40th anniversary aircraft, will livery templates files be made available somewhere? While I’m not much of a graphic artist, I remember editing a few custom liveries back in the FSX days, and I had a couple ideas I’d like to try my hand at. I assume there are probably other simmers here that might also enjoy that opportunity as well.

At what time(CET) are the release notes available?

Hi @UnitedArt,

We will be posting the release notes at the same time the update goes live, at 8am PST (approximately 20 minutes from the time of this post).



20 min to gooooo!

Thanks for posting my pic again guys!

And I’m truly humbled especially for this one.

Flight Simulator has been a massive part of my life, and defined my career - now as an A320 captain.

I started on FS4, and thought to celebrate this day with a throwback to that time. Whilst the pic above was the original FS4 aircraft (I still have FS4 running via DosBox) put over Meigs, you can do it now too as I’ve recreated the C182RG for MSFS.

It’s basic, the panel doesn’t work (yet), but it has sounds and lots of nostalgia. If you’re keen to step back a bit, give it a go, or even better, go get yourself DosBox and FS4 itself. It really was another world.

Happy 40th!


Downloading right now.

Is it out on Steam already?

No update yet on Xbox?

Edit : dowoading now. 29,03GB

Let us know how you get on! As I’m still on beta having to another hour - there’s thanks for you! Lol :wink:

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Where can I find the relnotes, please?

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Yes, let you know. I’m updating the general game and/or ingame updates. But then I need to make dinner lol. But tonight it’s all about MSFS.

I’m glad they fixed the wrong ATC callsigs. That’s a good start.

I’m not seeing it on Xbox yet. 11:15am EST US

Try a restart of the console. Worked for me.

Where are you seeing these? I only see one new on pc and nothing for xbox.

Interesting, that worked and downloading now.

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I didn’t see it in time, but it looks like they’ve finally implemented a base download, with extras as you want! (Top left text)

I assume clicking the pic in the middle brings you to options to add additional content to the list. And I also hope that if nothing is clicked, that the base update only is downloaded.

:clap: Well done Asobo, and thanks for listening!

Goes to show that even though we don’t get responses it doesn’t mean it’s not noted. Bet Asobo is sipping some hard strong coffee waiting for the line of apologies lol.

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Update wont work, sim just loads as normal?

I’m on the Beta and it’s 8:30 and I just opened the game and got prompted that my game needs an update. Currently downloading what I assume is the version switch of 384mb.