Official Discussion: October 14th, 2021 Development Update

Looks like I’ll be saving money for the 3rd straight week on Xbox! ■■■!!


It’s the same model. They put theirs out a day after the became available. It’s not their model and they both got it from the same source. Except MScenery is using an uglier cockpit and is selling theirs for profit. Par for course for MScenery. Predatory developer and zero ethics. Also guilty of copyright infringement on their F-18 - the initial version used IndiaFoxtEcho’s MB-339 as a template.


To be fair the MiG-15 is a fun little plane to fly and it’s possible to overlook any lack of depth or polish because it’s free.

I just checked the Dev Update post and MSScenery is asking $14 for it? How do Asobo and Microsoft justify this sort of ■■■■?


Having tried both, the version at least flies better. But yes, that’s MScenery. By the way, all their other aircraft are from that same model source. :wink:

I wonder if those Forza Horizon liveries from the MSFS official videos will be included in the next update.

Couple of the links in the update are broken / with no public access - and where I at least get an ‘Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.’

Maybe there’s more - stating the obvious - it isn’t exactly helpful to link to content people can’t access.


And this is what the Marketplace team is choosing to push on Xbox users via the only source we have for add ons? I have so many questions… Really shows you what they think about the Xbox user base.


If you mean this one it’s already in the sim, it was added with Update 5. They just changed the tail number to FORZA.

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You do realize that Asobo doesn’t create these right? 3rd Party Developers do. :wink:

MSFS for Xbox consoles have only been out 2 months (August 14, 2021). It will take some time for 3rd Party developers to catch up to the PC MSFS which has been out just over a year.


I’m well aware. But someone at MS/Asobo, presumably on the Marketplace team (as stated above), is choosing which products from 3rd party developers are getting approved/published. Is that not a correct assumption?

And to be honest I think the team has done a great job increasing the number of products that have been approved over the past few weeks. They are pushing some really solid numbers right now. It’s just disappointing to see some of the add ons that PC users have been raving about still be caught up in the approval process for the marketplace.

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For those of you who haven’t watch the most recent dev Q&A, Jorg was very open about what is happening as far as the marketplace is concerned.

“There is a backlog right now that is driving third party developers crazy. Because they send us their creation and they want to publish it and we have a little, you know, we have a little stack that is fairly large. So we just decided to hire another four people to help with this. Because it’s not what we want. What we want is people to bring their creations to everybody as soon as they possibly can. That will help also, by the way, with updates, just to be clear. For us, an update to a plane, for example, or an airport, is just the same amount of work because we’re testing it, we typically spend, you know, 3-4 hours to check everything, and then with planes obviously a lot longer. So, in order to get the throughput and the delays reduced, we’re hiring. And we had another dev joining our team on the Microsoft side, his name is Todd, really great dev. He’s going to help us with tooling because the tooling is just not awesome. We, frankly, did not expect that much content. It’s more than we thought. Which is great and all, but you need to be able to, obviously, bring it to the customer or potential customer.”


Correct. Jorg did mention they will be expanding the team that approves these addons.

We were told in an update post approx. 6 weeks ago Seneca was coming. It was also made public that Just Flight submitted code for their arrows even before that.

There is also the issue of WASM code issues keeping the Corsair off of the Xbox, bugs on the spitfire (and I would presume to be the cause of several bugs on aircraft I own).

It appears to the Xbox consumer that many lower quality items are getting preferential treatment when it comes to marketplace support.


I hope all this gets sorted soon. My dad uses the console and wants the Arrows. :slightly_smiling_face:


You would think with a backlog the FIFO method would be used to get through it all.

The best explanation would be this WASM code issue is pervasive across many aircraft, otherwise the recent offerings gives the appearance either Asobo/MS are ‘gun shy’ to put more expensive items up due to some of the technical issues/steam conflicts with payment or there is some sort of ‘pay to play’ going on.

The Felon is a direct steal off of flight by another developer

A couple of the VR links are broken as well which isn’t helpful, namely the ‘VR settings listed twice’ which I’ve never seen.

There is no Felon on the .to

More than a month since the WU6, and still waiting for the LOWI update on the marketplace

Best, and most logical thing to do here is to expect nothing, regarding decent aircraft. That way, when the inevitable happens and we get either nothing, or something pretty rubbish, there is no disappointment because the expectation is low.

That’s what I’ve been doing for the last 6 or so weeks, anyway.