Official Discussion: October 7th, 2021 Development Update

Check out the latest Development Update here:

Please use this thread for feedback and discussion. Thank you!

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I wonder when Xbox will actually get some quality 3rd party aircraft (not CS copy/paste work). Another lackluster marketplace update but I guess I’m not surprised at this point. Xbox users are getting left behind. Such a shame.


Jeez it’s terrible this week. Airports, airports and more airports. Was also hoping for fixes for global vessels from seafront simulations.

Ah well.


Don’t even remind me. Talk about literally lighting money on fire. I can’t believe I purchased the global shipping and other add on day 1 on Xbox.

But lesson learned. As Xbox users this is what we have to look forward to. An inept marketplace and update structure with little to no quality 3rd party add ons. It’s a seriously sad state off affairs for those of us on Xbox.

It should be fixed soon as the Antigua version works so it must be something slight.

Didn’t see much photogrammetry fix’s in that update list either. Bad days…

Did they just disclose, that (one of) the next World Updates will be Italy?

Or was that already known? Btw, I noticed there is a star behind “Started” but it’s not explained what this means.

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What’s wrong with global shipping on Xbox? I’m pc user

It didn’t work at all and was pulled from the Xbox marketplace until it could be fixed.

Can we in the future have the Thursday update announcement and the marketplace content availability coincide better.


Good catch! Riddle - what aircraft is produced jointly in Italy and France and confirmed to be in the works at Asobo?

That’s unfortunate, they’ll get it fixed though

Why is Sim Update 6 TBA now?!

■■■■■… why they dont care about the xbox user… only garbage since weeks… no Piper from Just flight, no update for seafront, no Piper PA-44 Seminole, no dc6, no update from seasons etc… they want that marketplace is dying.

It has been a high enough vote to show up there for a couple of development updates now. Nothing new but probably not Asobo‘s prio one with the 2022 timing.

Yeah sure but the Status changed to “Started” which would mean, they are already working on it.

About the SU6 “TBA”: They did not announce a certain release date yet. Normally, we can expect it to be released in the corresponding week where it is listed in the roadmap (21.10). Of course, there is always the possibility that it gets delayed for example due to problems encountered in the beta.

The super annoying approach flyback bug, which has been plaguing the sim since release and is #11 voted bug, is still lined up for SU6… but is missing from the release notes.
Just knowing what to expect.

If I remember correctly, the last development update had a date for SU6 which was Oct 19. So it changing to TBA most definitely means a delay.

The XBox version has only just been released. You might want to give prospective developers out there the time to actually create the content. Developing planes isn’t an overnight job.

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Hi I note the vr reflection bug says fixed in SU6 in the feedback screenshot, but it’s not mentioned in the beta patch notes. Hopefully it is still included?

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