Official Discussion: Reno Air Racing

Check out the video here, there are model and instrument panel changes between all the planes, not just liveries:

Microsoft Flight Simulator – Reno Air Races – Full Collection - YouTube


It looks like each one is unique in its own way. Not unique enough to get me to cough up but it’s more than just a livery. I presume there might be differences in the way each one flies too.

Absolutely stunning, I love that each aircraft is unique and not just a livery for the same base model. Cannot wait. Great job Asobo.


Will it be possible to purchase just the planes in in game store? Or are they available only as the part of the expansion?

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Thank you. That makes the $60 pack totally worth it. That’s what I will be getting!


Hey for a little over a buck a plane I have to say this is very nice deal for us


Good question, asking in the dev Q&A tomorrow.

Will aircraft to aircraft crash detection be added? I can’t see the current “ghosting” method being very satisfying when multiple aircraft are in close proximity.

Also, in the full $60 version, will we be able to setup races against AI aircraft?

Microsoft has been very aggressive with pricing their add-ons VERY accessible. Great job and thank you. Always a good value, can’t go wrong with their stuff. It might not be the highest fidelity stuff, but it always looks wonderful and you can’t beat the price.


I agree 100 with ya there . Yeah this looks pretty good and at that price point much better than the other junk on the market that is for sure . Asobo planes so far ain’t too shabby.

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So then I guess the question is, which P-51, T-6, L-39, and Pitts are included in the $20 base version? Oh who am I kidding, I’m just going to buy the whole thing anyway. The 2011 disaster really turned me off to the idea of Reno, however, I’d pay $60 just for a quality T-6. This whole line up really opens up the fun potential of Flight Simulator. Can’t wait.


Can you please also confirm that all of these aircraft (if purchased) will be available for use outside of the Air Race game mode? Thank you.

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Hi @Jummivana will the Reno DLC be multi-player only, or will you be able to race against AI?

The plains and liveries look stunning, but would be good to hear more about the game mechanics if possible. What will the DLC play like? will it be similar to a car race sim and have progression through a season/championship.


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Interesting to see if they’ve addressed issues like:

  • Users clipping each other during racing
  • Users not having the premium models seeing an A320 or Bonanza instead
  • Tailwheel/ground handling, a serious problem on the third party warbirds.

There’s no way they wouldn’t be.

I think in the last Q&A they said they are not adding hit detection but are significantly improving how close planes can fly without disappearing so they won’t be ghosting during normal racing.


@Jummivana Will the race timing functionality (I’m assuming there is some kind of timing functionality etc) also be released as part of the SDK for use by developers?

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Is “the exhilarating online multiplayer racing experience” mode exclusive to the expansion pack?

Very little differences from my point of view… For their spec (speed, acceleration, handling …), will they be identical (I don’t know Reno’s rules) ?

Yes, the $20 Reno pack would get you access to the multiplayer racing mode.

In addition, Xbox Live Gold is required on Xbox for this type of multiplayer mode.

Seeing some great questions about, I’ve logged them to ask during the Q&A tomorrow as I’m not sure of all the answers yet!


Yep that’s clear, 2 different products. It’s just that I was expecting Reno to be free as well.

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