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Did the same several months ago, from MS Store to Steam, best move of my life! :wink: No more obscures layers you need to get running and logged into, to get updates or simply play (XBox App or Game Companion, GameServices, MS Store, more?).
MS store is promising, but have lot of rooms for improvement.

Edit : ho and to stay on topic, my update went perfectly obviously.


400ish MB in Microsoft Store. 500ish MB on game launch. 10kb in Content Manager for the WU6. Plus I had some 3rd party Marketplace content from 9/16.

Where do you see clouds being changed or fixed in the patch notes? I don’t.


I know it’s not in the patch notes but I’m so surprised the key binding issue for the HOTAS one has not made it into any patch or hotfix since XBOX launch.

Surely ThrustMaster want this fixed, it’s the only proper peripheral we have at the moment.

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All - sure gonna get some hate from this - but before you gripe about what has or hasn’t been fixed, PLEASE read the patch notes.

Bush trips aren’t listed.
Clouds aren’t listed.

I am just as frustrated as the next that we’re still dealing with months old bugs, but the patch notes tell you what’s in the hotfix.


@moderators could you please clarify on the status of the wind gusts? should it be working?
we had high hopes but unfortunately it seems that there are still no gusts , either with live weather or custom weather.


Zoom in


Update WU6 via content manager.


Store and Sim updates completed. Can confirm the floating lights/no lights bug, if anything other than 100 resolution scale, has been fixed.


I do not have this problem

100% understand and totally get it. Feel the same. Just trying to help this thread not become another dumpster fire.

The only thing I can suggest for the both of us is to vote on all of the bug threads.

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I am sick and tired of having to uninstall Flight Simulator entirely for each “Mandatory Update”. Every time there’s a Mandatory Update, it alerts me in MSFS and kicks me back to the MS Store, but no updates are available. I have tried resetting the app (via Reset in Apps Manager) and simply waiting for an update to appear. When nothing happens and I’m stuck with not playing MSFS, I must do this.

The latest version I was on until this morning was After I uninstalled and reinstalled everything (minus the “Standard Content - Mandatory Update” (that I deleted when I uninstalled everything)), the update version incrememted to It’s really a shame that MSFS does not play well with the MS Store to apply updates in a smooth transparent fashion to the end user.

Please do something about this.


Yeah, I’m gonna keep trying but the more awareness the better I feel.

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Thank you Asobo for the update. My stutters have almost totally disappeared. Stability seems good. I will test night flying light situation but Im sure it has been addressed. Thank you once again. Looks like I can enjoy a weekend of flying.


Okay, that’s new. I’ve been visiting the MS Store every five minutes or so. I just had an alert pop up in my tool tray on the XBox app, and it updated that side of things for me.


I don’t remember the Console Companion app ever doing that, not that I used it often.

Download and install xbox app
Restart PC
Launch xbox app and sign in.
Recheck for updates in microsoft store app


I keep getting a message on startup that a critical update is required (09/17/2021) and I need to get the update from the store. I go to the store and it says no update available for the premium version. I tried the xbox thing that I read about on here to get the update and it was the most confusing thing I have ever seen. Why can’t a very simple update process be created as in other software. This is ridiculous and needs to be corrected. For now, I am stuck I can’t get the update. I would appreciate any guidance very, very much.

Are you sure this is due to the hotfix? This was not mentioned in the release notes.


Give it at least 20 more minutes. It takes time to populate in the servers.

Do you have the XBOX App installed?


Must be a placebo effect but after the update on my Xbox the draw distant and game seems a tad sharper. With that said even after deleting rolling cache I encountered a CTD and game when loading to the destination would require a restart to load the game when it pauses at the animation screen.

IMHO, I believe a lot of CTD is sever related. I mean when the game loads from the world map and the aircraft is flying all over weirdly can only explain something didn’t load correctly LOL.