Official Discussion: September 29, 2022 Development Update

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Though rather neglected for quite a while, seeing the Feedback Snapshot get a major update today without being on the roadmap was a great surprise. Much appreciated!

Sim Update 11 looking good with further DirectX 12 optimisations, significant live traffic improvements and FSR 2.x support, besides all the 40th anniversary content.


Not a great sign that WASM may be pushed off to SU 12 now, which almost certainly will be well into next year. I don’t see how the A310 comes to Xbox unless the developers manage to get it working without WASM or through a custom solution. That may be a breaking point for many Xbox users on the fence about the platform.


Yes, what is up with this?

(I ask that knowing full well no answer will be forthcoming.)


I found this Dev Update to be very informative. That isn’t usually the case so appreciate the improvements.


Interesting that the scenery gateway is possibly going to debut in a limited form in SU12. That’s going to be a fairly major improvement when it comes.

I also saw a mention of possibly improved AI behavior coming in SU11.

All good things to look forwards to.

I’ll echo that this was a very informative dev update, thanks for putting in the effort to get all the snapshots and roadmaps updated.

Some developers, such as Fenix and PMDG, have stated that the Weather Radar “API” is either not implemented or insufficient.

However, with the 9/29 Development Update, they seem to think they have already “fixed”.

Implement Weather and Terrain APIs - Fixed
Open Up The Weather System To 3rd Party Devs - Not Planned

Nothing about this.

Implement Weather and Terrain APIs" used to be labeled “SU10+”.
What happened to the “+”?

Anyway, Development Update is often inaccurate, so I actually hope they are continuing. :roll_eyes:


I agree, it’s definitely not “fixed” if most third party aircraft can’t use it to model a proper weather radar.

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The provided APIs are sufficient for building a basic (but very useful) accurate weather radar with fixed tilt and variable gain. There are no present plans that I’m aware of for going beyond these graphic APIs.

Raw access to the weather data is not planned.

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I am not a developer, so I don’t know anything about the details, but your opinion seems to differ from Fenix and PMDG.
Hmmm… :thinking:

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I mean, you can’t do predictive windshear or lightning detection or that kind of advanced stuff, but for the core of what pilots really need, i.e. what is a reasonably accurate representation of the precip levels in front of my aircraft, the current graphic APIs work just great.

I agree, if this is considered ‘‘fixed’’ with no communication to the 3rd party devs on what they need and given clarification to them, its worrying sadly :frowning:


Can you tell the height of the weather in front of the plane with the Asobo WX bitmap?

That appears to be the big issue. If that is the case then that is very limiting and unrealistic to use.

As far as I understand it, the weather radar thing that SU10 provided was just perception bitmap masks, so only showing where there’s rain.

Lot’s of things haven’t been fixed, so file this under bugs in the dark room in the corner.

Is it me or I don’t see any schedule for a Dev Live Q/A ?

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So no way to tell if the weather (precipitation) is at your altitude or not. 2D weather bitmap image sounds useless to me.

Can you fix DLSS 2 before SU11 comes along and breaks more stuff.

New game driver doesn’t work well for some as well need sorting.

I’d rather not see a whole list of more stuff that could come along and cause issues why is DLSS 3.0 coming out for SU11? It’s not like many of us are going to be buying 4000 series cards for some time.

I’d rather see things like optimisation for DLSS 2 and sort runway handling, driver improvements.

Please address what’s broke before, adding more problems into the mix.


As far as I am aware the radar model uses a conical intersection extending from the front of the aircraft, like an actual weather radar. So you will not get returns above or below this, if you have the API set to the appropriate mode. There is a top-down NEXRAD style mode in which all altitude weather is shown, perhaps that’s what is confusing developers.

Clouds are transparent to real radar, unless they have sufficient water density. The bitmap API models this, with the developer able to set colors of their choosing based on the density.