Official Discussion: September 2nd, 2021 Development Update

Where may I find the majestic whale in the screenshot?

This addon has whales
Wings Over Whales Kaikoura Caravan » Microsoft Flight Simulator


Thank you. I’m on console so unfortunately I don’t have access to that addon.

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Why do you care when you said in other posts that you have given up on the Platform?



Hopefully the MSFS team has some wonderful surprises coming up with WU 6 to make up for the eerie silence, delays, and excuses.

By surprises I don’t mean social/charity/vids/screenshot stuff. I’m actually sick and tired of all that non-aviation related stuff being pushed, while we have to practically beg for some realistic features (that were plainly advertised!!!) for the so called flight sim.


In fact, the past 3 months have been underwhelming and felt more like marketing posts as opposed to being actual development updates.
If I were to give such a development update to my clients, I may have had a job for the longest time.


Microsobo are interested only in eye-candy.

Aviation is secondary.


And still no fix for the Thrustmaster HOTAS for Xbox. Five weeks now? The only stick that is available and it does not work. Xbox and Thrustmaster, barely used, for sale soon!


Still no ORBX London update…


No new Information except the Delay of the roadmap. The marketplace overview is Hard to read.


Another massively underwhelming “Development” update, as said above it’s anything but.

No information on the Top Gun DLC either, no further information on next week’s fixes that are coming with WU6, just simply no information.

I’ve been beating this drum for a year; these weekly updates are severely lacking. Release monthly blog updates with actual development information - Learn from others!


Please fix scaling in vr… 787 is not that big inside the cockpit in real life. Trust me. Also please fix the longitude. Thank you

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Still no Seneca V for Xbox, no Piper Arrow from Just Flight… very disapointing.


Lets face it, these are nowhere near a “development update”… Just more marketing. They haven’t contained anything new for months. Even the list that is sorted by votes is pretty pointless if you ask me. I sure hope they are working on more than the top voted items that we see endlessly. Actually knowing what that is might be worth putting in the actual development updates.


Couldn’t see it in the update, but as Top Gun: Maverick is now not going to be released as expected this year, I’m assuming the free DLC for MSFS that was to coincide will not go ahead either?

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Yes, sadly you are right. Because no matter the votes, stuff gets broken and fixed in random order. Eventhough there is a clear metric what is important to the community.

If I would deliver something like this as a development/ progress update I’d have some explaining to do. It is all smoke and mirrors and achievements of third parties. Plus some marketing material on top :frowning:


This is getting more disappointing every week.

The community incl. myself is desperately waiting for the slightest of feedback from the developers on the ongoing issues since SU5 and the “hot fixes” (in parentheses as hot fixes are supposed fix things, whereas these only made things worse). The biggest for me being non existent AA making the game virtually unplayable in VR (I have set it aside completely for now) and overall graphics degradation (clouds look pretty horrible close up compared to before)

Last week, the “developer update” excluded the development roadmap that was supposed to be updated and postponed it to this week.

This week, again the development roadmap is excluded and not only that, now even the feedback snapshots are excluded, so basically no update at all.

After SU5 and its issues, the developers apologised and committed to providing better communication, but all I am seeing for weeks now is deteriorating communication to no communication at all.

Not happy…


Hi do you know is the pop in on head move / cache fix still being included in the world update on Tuesday as previously said? Many thanks

Whilst it is genuinely encouraging to see the level of enthusiasm behind the WU launch next week, I can only add my own concern and disappointment at the degrading level of communication from the team about actionable remediation to the SU5 regressions and Marketplace issues. At a time when communication is desperately needed (5 weeks since SU5), we hear … less?

Should we assume that all the regressions introduced by SU5 and the Marketplace backlogs will all be solved in next week’s WU? We cannot assume “yes”. Come on guys, what’s going on?


It is in the addon ‘Iceland Overhaul’ by Baddweapon, available on

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