Official Discussion: September 2nd, 2021 Development Update

You can find the latest Development Update here:

Use this thread for all feedback.


I’m not seeing the Asobo Team Q&A, which was to take place in August, in the schedule. Is that one still happening at some point?

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It is on Sept 8th according to todays post.

Our Developer Q&A is slated for September 8th, next Wednesday at 10:30am PT (1730Z)

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I know about the Developer Q&A, but what about the one I linked which would have Asobo team members talking about themselves, their jobs and more?

Yay, new planes!


That was made into a pretty cool video from the media team that I was hoping to play next week! It may be postponed to a later date if it doesn’t come out next week.


That’s awesome, thanks!

Wow, that was an underwhelming update…


So its my understanding that this is supposed to be an official DEVELOPMENT update from the MSFS team, but what is being communicated?

From the start, a screenshot.
Then we are told what we have already been told.
Next we have delays of roadmaps and snapshots.
Then a relatively small SDK update.

I’m not sure why 3rd party updates are put with MSFS DEVELOPMENT updates that are supposed to be from the MSFS team. Is this supposed to make it look like the MSFS team is doing something with MSFS???

Not sure why a twitch update is grouped together with a DEVELOPMENT update - more talk about talk, and no talk about action (development).

When seen for what it is, this is NOT a DEVELOPMENT (from the MSFS team for the MSFS core sim) update at all, right?


Perhaps this blog needs to be given another name like: ‘newsletter for social/economic interests’…this is mostly very boring/useless to me, until aviation become the focus.


Agree with every single character you typed.


Pretty disappointed with the Xbox marketplace update this week as well…


So when is the marketplace updating? Also, pretty sure the devs stated Xbox is getting the updated islander but the way it is represented in the blog makes it seem only PC is getting it.

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Nothing updated on the marketplace other than the free garmin mod , other than that nothing on the pc and nothing on Xbox yet .

Totally agree, unfortunately that’s not an informative format for development updates.

I would greatly appreciate if those could really focus on:

  • Current top priority issues and bugs investigated and reference to current weekly “burning” issues, including the current findings if any.
  • Overall features and fixes priorities - to align expectations with the community regarding on what actually is decided to be tackled first.
  • A higher level roadmap of the future upcoming features and fixes, with maybe a rough estimations so people can again, align their expectations to
  • Sharing some in-progress work… “behind the scenes”

Sharing all of that will greatly improve communication and trust with the community. Also, will help the alignment with expectations instead of anxiously long waiting for the sim updates release notes to see which bugfixes or features won the “lottery” this time…

Much appreciated if that could be the nature of the communication.


I also thought the Seneca V was being released on Xbox in the ‘coming days’ as stated last week. I am guessing something is broken on the Xbox version since most everything else was released?

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It usually takes 1 or 2 hours to update

I guess it would be considered rude or tacky to ask what they plan on breaking this time? I’m hoping for a lot of things to work better but at the same time I’m keeping my expectations very low.


Pretty much. We can ask for better but these are people and I don’t think anyone is intentionally trying to break things.

First time with an online service? People don’t remember that before gta online was making hundreds of millions, no one could even login for the first two weeks - TWO WEEKS! Software is complicated - no one is sitting in a basement thinking up ways to break your 3rd party add-on or make your clouds look fuzzy…