[Official Discussion] Top Gun: Maverick DLC

Google case 1 recovery F18 and follow the instructions. It adds a LOT.

This thread is getting a bit confusing as some people are talking about the F18 and then the next post is talking about the Dark Star.

It’s best to invert to push through mach 1 in a shallow dive, then roll out and continue your ascent.

So i just forgot to to fly inverted ?
Because, when I land after reaching Mach 9.15 and 120 000Ft or above, nothing happens at all. And no one give me instruction during flight.
I miss something ?

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i just answer to question why after fly at 9m ac drop speed. in my case was same. i flew some. then hear alert and see how speed go down. i don’t moves any switches. just after speed go down and alert appear. i close switcher under red cap, close cap and close cell. then fly at 3.6m. what’s going on if you switch engines switcher i just don’t know. but you can use them if engines flame out for restart in flight

That’s maybe because this is a generic topic, and the Community Support topic on this is hardly used, it seems:

You can turn ON objectives, it’s in the top menu thingy where VFR chart, ATC etc. is located. But as I said, following that won’t get you anywhere. You need to first get up there, then roll inverted and pitch down back up to clear those objectives.

(1) How to fly at Mach 9 in the new Darkstar for Microsoft Flight Simulator - YouTube

This is just a short video taking you to Mach 9.

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I can also recommend this video. Step-by-step guide on how to reach Mach 9, without any fluff. A rarity on YouTube nowadays.

with the low level missions, it coutns down 3-2-1 GO… but all numbers + word GO remain stuck in the sreen in VR? blocks the view… anyone else had that?

== solved ===

This is a pretty neat free DLC. The Darkstar is amazingly cool.

However, is the scale of the Darkstar too small? When on the ramp or the hangar view, look at the size of the ground crew compared to the aircraft. This does not seem right. Is the dimensions not supposed to be closer to the size of the SR 71?

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Apart from the low level flying bug that i cant see in front of me because of the timer never goes way im liking the carrier landing part… Just wish there was a bit more to that…Park up and shutdown once landed, Also a take off from it would of been a nice feature :slight_smile:

Same. Other people claim to have an objective window appear on their screen, which provided guidance for the challenge. However, I had no such option.

Yes has the little check mark

What’s your altitude when they shut down? Try staying at 150K

The fuel cell on the Darkstar is actually a cool detail. Think about it. All the electrical power that the aircraft has is actually made by the generators that are coupled to the rotating jet engine.
When you switch off that turbine and engage the scramjet, you loose the generators.
Hence, you need a battery or a fuel cell in order to continue having electrical power. :slight_smile:


The magnificence of it all…


120k, and 170k on the second flight.

Not bad for the first day…