Darkstar (Request for help)

How do we go up to mach 10 and pass to hypersonic ? I use my turboprops well and a mach 3 I pass with the strato but I can not raise the speed. How do we land also because the cockit is very closed to have full visibility of the runway? Thank you

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Look in the activities for the Darkstar activity. It teaches you everything you need to know via interactive tutorial.


Not in my sim, I can fly the activity but there is no tutorial.

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Press the third green button from your left on the panel in front of you then the tutorial for the flight path will appear on the display.

OK, I’ve seen it.
I think there is a bug. In 2 of 3 trys the Dark Star doesn’t fire up the scramjets. Same speed, same altitude, same pressed buttons. After sim restart it works or it doesn’t.

I also have no tutorial.


It’s honestly pretty easy:

On runway: Throttle full forwards (inc afterburner), brakes off, away we go.

pitch up 10-20deg, climb to mach 0.9/20k ft.

roll inverted, pitch down to -5deg or so, accelerate through MAch1, roll out and resume climb to mach 3 and 30k+ ft.

Once you’re up there and above mach 3, you switch on the fuel cell (one button, down and right from the main screen, then the scramjets one switch upder the protector, to the left of the screen. Scramjets will spool up and take you up and fast. Enjoy the ride.

Landing… Yeah, good luck with that! I couldn’t even find australia!!!


Real easy, takes off easily and hits Mach 3+ every time even if you’re not at 50k feet. The trick is to climb gradually, then stay level, then climb some more, then go into a shallow dive. You’ll notice that after one or two shallow dives, it’ll push past mach 1.5 and after that it’s almost out of control :joy:

So make sure you start climbing and once at 50k or higher…boom! Enable fuel cells and fire away the scrammies :rofl:

Havent had this much fun in a flight sim in a very long time … :thinking::smiley:


After two tries when I didn’t get the scrams going I did hold altitude and course to Florida. A bit late with the braking though, and apparently doing Mach 3 at below 10000 feet while desperately pulling up quickly gets uncomfortable.

How is this thing even flyable? Stuttering, audio crackling every few seconds.

The stuttering and audio crackling is probably your system or the game, and not the plane. Been smooth and crackle free for me. On SX.

The key that is missing is you have to turn on the SCRAMJET fuel cells. To the right of the stick next to the avionics power switch there is an unlabeled switch with four white boxes. Push that Button and the fuel cells will “energize” then get to MACH 3 then hit the SCRAM Jet enable switch. The fuel cell is the part I missed without this the SCRAM jet will not work it just beeps. You will see Engine 3 and 4 Power up and eventually engine 1 and 2 will shut down. The engine air flow panel will show the air flow symbols switch from flowing through the air breathing engine to the bottom SCRAM jet engine “bypassing” the air breather.
For the landing I went to external view from behind the airplane and had pretty good success with lining up, flaring and landing. Wasn’t perfect but nice for the first time. It is fun once you get it working.


about landing… well. i would like runway 10x10km. two landings and both was from left to right slide and touchdown almost at end of the strip. first i even have some time to kiss concrete. second i stopped on asphalt out of runway behind bunny lights:)

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thanks i tried it , greatful moment !!

i managed to land on Edwards Air Force Base with external rear view ! so proud !

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When you need every inch of a 15,000ft runway!

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What am I doing wrong? After the 20000 foot inverted dive I roll back over and the plane stalls around 1.2 Mach, I’ve held a 10 degree climb all the way to 60000ft but never get to 1.5 Mach.

Tried three times, used the built in tutorial, can’t figure it out

Are the throttles all the way forwards in ‘afterburner’ mode? They hit a natural stop at ‘full throttle’ but do not enable the afterburners. You need to push them past that. (I did with the mouse in cockpit view rather than reconfigure my joystick axis, I’m sure there’s a better way)

Oh, and do you have your landing gear up?? (If not, you’re not alone…)

If those are done, I have no idea. It really is a simple aircraft to fly.

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Yes, full afterburner and gear up. I am wondering if I am not getting enough speed on the flip