Official Discussion: Upcoming Hotfix Announcement

Better Friday,


It’s great to see that the team are committed to continue building this awesome sim for us. Thank you.

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I know I would be happy to jump on an “Insider Fast Ring” if you need another set of eyes on hotfixes and updates. I’m sure others in here would sign up for that as well. What can I do and what can we do as a Community to help you succeed?

I don’t know if you know or not, but I just saw a post form Microsoft that hotfix is going to happen soon.
Their target is Friday but it can change to Monday.

The TBM throttle has changed and can still be used. If in legacy mode, press left mouse button and hold it. Then press right button. The throttle will go from feather to throttle. If you start from the runway, the throttle is already set to the left so you should be able to take off and fly.

I hope you are still maintaining development of Ms Flight Simulator identically on Xbox series X and PC. Even if Xbox series S needs downgrades let Xbox series X simmers the possibility to get that PC perfectly ultra high visual version.

I am not sure when I read this.

Please keep in mind this simulator is important to Xbox series X simmers too.

Thank you :pray:

LOD Popping and Stutter when Camera Panning – PC Simmers with graphics set to Ultra will experience this when panning the camera around very quickly. We are working on a new option that will allow you to customize how much off-screen scenery will be cached. We are aiming for this to be released on August 24th (World Update 6).

From here : Regarding Your Feedback + Upcoming Hotfix

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Good to see that complaints were heard and will be adressed!

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It has happened a couple times before and it has happened again now with SU5. A fix in one part of the sim breaks another part of the sim (tree fix vs LOD bug). I’m very curious what systems Asobo is going to implement to reduce the chances of this happening again.

I understand this is a complex product, and having had a lot of xbox branches next to a truckload of pc branches has made life a little difficult for devs who had to do all the merging. But it would be nice if they can come up with a way that will reduce the amount of regressions.

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Thank you for the update, it is really appreciated. Please consider some requests that were made for more frequent communication even if you don’t always have all the answers or solutions - especially before and after updates. This will go a long way to fill the vacuums being created due to a lack of communication with more positive inputs and contributions.

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Sounds like just about all of the major complaints are being addressed. The CTD thing is obviously the most serious since it is keeping some people from playing at all basically, and I imagine the hardest to pin down the cause since there are so many PC configs and some people are crashing constantly while others have few or no crashes. I’m sure it will be “got to the bottom of” eventually though. Thanks for the update!

The bleached, oversaturated & overexposed look of the sim. The world looks like it is being lit up by a very intense bright white LED light source. Does not look natural at all. I hope this will be addressed also :+1:


Noticed same thing as well, AI answers back but ATC audio is nil, only their text is visible.


Thanks for the update.
Looking forward to be able to run the Sim again without all the xbox “optimizations”.

This has somehow stopped misbehaving for me, every flight I do now (airliners short and long distance) ATC audio is always functioning. Have no idea how it’s fixed but it is for me

The new Hotfix is great news, Just wondering if anyone else lost vibration when using an Xbox controller on PC after the recent update? Also just so that it’s noted ATC does not seem to recognize when I’m at the appropriate altitude, they just keep asking me to get to the altitude I’m on…good day.

I just hope MS have prepared their servers for another battering on Friday as I think a lot of people are going to be downloading and testing the hotfix.

Thanks for the continued community presence and taking community feedback seriously. This is one area where I think Asobo has excelled and I very much appreciate the communication regarding issues surrounding SU5. Also, I’m excited to see the most serious issues being addressed in a hotfix. Given the seriousness of these issues, I think a hotfix is appropriate and I think Asobo’s willingness to quickly address these issues is both a testament to their commitment to the simulator and a good example of being customer focused. Plus, it would be nice to hit the one year anniversary with the graphics restored to their former glory, all of the major performance enhancements that came with SU5, and a simulator that works on X-box. Hopefully, once the hotfix rolls out, the simulator will be back in a state where we can all celebrate the accomplishments over the past year and look forward to the next.

P.S. Maybe you can talk PMDG to releasing the 737 as an anniversary present? :grinning: I suspect that once that aircraft is in the sim, it will finally put all questions regarding the ability of the sim to support high fidelity aircraft to rest.



In SU5, you also promised to fix plane behaviour when approach mode is activated (plane, especially a320, cutting flightplan and moving directly to the FAF or rwy instead of following the whole approach procedure in the flightplan). Is it something which will be fixed in this hotfix2 or is it delayed ?

Good to hear you are listening to us. Thank you!

One sure CTD is when you’re loaded in on the ground and switch flight control presets (I usually switch preset for joystick and throttle quadrant). It works if you have not started the flight.

Will the broken antialiasing in VR be fixed in this as well. With SU5, the graphics in Reverb G2 and other headsets have been plagued with shimmering, jagged lines that we have not seen in the previous updates.