Official Discussion: Upcoming Hotfix Announcement

Thankyou for the update, it is a huge relief to hear that the PC version will not be tied to Xbox capabilities.

Are the downgraded shadow draws tied to the over exposure bug? If not please can we have the option to increase shadow draw. I’d also like to see an option to determine how much Memory is used so those of us with 64GB memory and over 8gb VRAM can benefit from the extra memory

Regarding communication. Fear that the PC version would be aligned graphically with the Xbox version is what was driving the outcry on the forums. Earlier communication, simply saying that this isn’t the case and more details will be given soon, would have calmed everyone immediately. So perhaps there is a small lesson that can be learnt here.

It is fantastic to have the XBox version and Asobo did a great job bringing MSFS to a console, the more money that Asobo/MS can make benefits all of us!!

Having ‘everybody’ happy with the performance/visual quality, no matter what their system spec’s, will of course make the most money !! So when you have an engine that is capable of absolutely stunning visuals almost indistinguishable from a photograph you really want this to be available in all its glory, for those with the hardware to run it. Its all about having graphical and performance ‘options’!!


And still no solution for the users who are unable to use or download the software after update 5. I am not aware of any software which poses so much problem after updating. A little consideration for your paying users Mr. Microsoft.

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Thank you for the information! Glad to hear that ASOBO is listening to the PC Users!

Do you honestly think that they have identified a single reason for a CTD and decided to fix it later? Of course not. As stated, they are continuously investigating, but they cannot provide a reliable time frame for fixing errors they have not found the reason for. You’re a victim of reality, not wrong priorities.


thank you very much Asobo and Microsoft for your listening, dedication and responsiveness, especially during the holidays! Do not confuse speed and haste, quietly test the product, we can wait a week or two!

In some cases “old flight simmers” are better than paid professional beta testers, customer support (zendesk) or Microsoft MVP :wink:


Download and install older graphics card drivers for example Nvidia 466.77

No need :wink:

Backup file named ToolBar.css


After that go to


In notepad++ or notepad open file named ToolBar.css
Go to line 46 (opacity)
Change 1 to 0



Save changes and run MSFS :wink:


Hi all,

Does anyone know if the new hotfix which includes the fix for volumetric lighting also applies to Xbox or just PC only? I can’t seem to find a clear statement on it but would assume it’s for all platforms unless a specific platform is mentioned in the fixes?

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See here:

I was wondering the same, it’s not clear if this is just for PC or also includes fixes to the xbox version

I would assume it will be for both considering the fact that there is only one version for both architectures. But this is of course has to be confirmed by ASOBO.

I know that you have asked this on quite a few threads (not criticising at all.I would do the same :slightly_smiling_face:) and nobody yet has given a clear answer.

Maybe a moderator or just somebody with a bit of inside knowledge can clear this up for you. It should really have been made clear in the announcement (which was very welcome and appreciated) whether the update also applied to the Xbox.

Sorry I can’t help you. I don’t know either :slightly_smiling_face:

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Volumetric Lighting was probably killed to get the sim working within the limited capabilities of the xbox.

But you never know, maybe they find another optimization and get it working again.

I agreed on the announcement, it was welcome and appreciated, just not clear on what platform the hot fix is for.

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Yes, I totally understand :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’ll be for both. Since we’re running the same app between PC and XBox…


I doubt that very much. Xbox very much capable of this.

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When is the update that will fix the controls on menus and cockpit. Extremely hard to operate at the moment.
Also basic functionality that was removed like zooming on pop out windows the patch have taken the pc experience back considerably.

I think you underestimate the scale here. I’m not sure where your experience lies (and I’m not discrediting that experience btw), but, this is not as simple as the FS team at Asobo outputting emails/posting to forums.

The thing is, this is a developer-publisher relationship. This means Microsoft handles the communication and Asobo (a separate/independent company from MS) focuses on the development and maintenance of the platform (MSFS).

The devs have to look at the thousands of submitted bug reports via zendesk (most of which would be repetitions of the same issue) then they have to garner as much information about these bugs as possible; where does it occur (in the sim/world map); when does it occur (e.g. immediate or progressive; what are the system specs; is this a user unique problem?.. etc.

Then they would have to compile a list on which things would be the fastest to triage and rank/weight by priority/urgency and then once they have ascertained root cause of issues and fixes can they only turn around to the MS community team to update the community on what their plans for dealing with these problems are.

This is a platform after all, it’s not as simple as finding a fix and pushing it out immediately, since if this is done too fast it can induce more glitches and bugs.

Anyway, life continues.


Upcoming hotfix sounds great, my only reservation is for people with lower spec pcs, I run an i5, 7500, gtx 1060 6gb, and i play in VR. Since update 5 iI have seen a much improved frame rate, I understand the users with powerful pc’s have seen degradation in graphics, but us with lower specs do not want to lose the performance improvements that have been gained with update 5!

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Could you improve the taxi lights in VR? When I fly Aerosoft CRJ900 at night is impossible see nothing with taxi lights in VR. Thank you a lot!.

There is another thing that could be improved a lot, is the behavior of the plane. If we buy it with DCS, the flight model gives you the feeling of being flying and that the plane is fragile to the pilot’s reactions, in Flight Simulator all planes look like bricks. The best thing is to try DCS and see the incredible flight model they have.

Thank you.