[Official] MSFS Reno Air Race Series: Presented by Tobii (PRIZE GIVEAWAYS)

Together with our friends at Tobii, we are proud to present a new series of livestreams featuring Reno Air Racing on our Official Twitch Channel. The first of these streams will have Community Manager SeedyL from the MSFS team and Mistel from Tobii racing against some of your favorite content creators from our streaming community!


Hosted by @Jummivana


The Official MSFS Twitch Channel, https://twitch.tv/MSFSOfficial


Wednesday, June 29 at 1900Z

Everyone is welcome to watch the races, cheer on the competitors in Twitch chat, and show your support to the pilots as they demonstrate how using a Tobii Eye Tracker 5 can increase the immersive experience of flying in Microsoft Flight Simulator.


During the stream, we will be giving away several copies of the Reno Air Races expansion for Microsoft Flight Simulator, and Tobii will be giving away an Eye Tracker 5! All winners must be present in Twitch chat to claim their prize!

This June 29 stream is just the beginning, though! Stay tuned for more announcements to learn how you, yes YOU, can participate in future Reno Air Racing events and compete for prizes against other players!


Let’s hope the presentation is better than on the “Wings over the web”.

Not to be too much of a killjoy, I wonder how seriously this can be taken when so far none of the glaring flaws and exploits in the Reno expansion have been addressed.

But for those who want to get up to speed in Reno Racing, you are welcome to join our Reno Racing International channel on Discord where most of the top ten players in the world are ready to help with training.

Looking forward to this event as our group was planning a Reno Racing Revival event this weekend, which will run starting 19:00 UTC tomorrow and Sunday

All are welcome

I just noticed this event excludes the top pilots in Reno, so for me it will pretty much be a non event

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How does the giveaway work?

There will be random draws throughout the livestream. If you’re watching, the hosts will say when a prize draw is open and you can enter by typing a command in Twitch chat.