[OFFICIAL POLL] Connection Problems? [16 April 2022 and ongoing]

Anybody having problems with the sim constantly disconnecting then reconnecting to the internet tonight? Happening over and over again. This is in the UK


Yes! Also in UK, rarely had them before so hopefully today is just a bad day.

What was a shame was that I was at cruise and away from PC.
I was expecting the ‘switch to offline’ message to disappear, allowing the flight to resume. But sadly it did not.

I think it would be good if that message would disappear after a set time rather than having the user to click OK

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Just experienced the same on the eastern US server. Might be my provider, though.

Happened to me in Australia.

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Same here in St Louis. Down then up twice.

I’ve had a couple of these as well (West EU server). Turning Bing maps data back on sorted it out every time it happened, but it takes like 2-3 minutes to change settings.

Didn’t prevent me from completing any flights, but it’s far from ideal.

Had that last night, west europe server… that stupid notification popped up right in front of me in VR when I was approaching a mountain airfield with no space to go around :man_facepalming:t2::man_facepalming:t2::man_facepalming:t2:

If you mean the bandwidth too low message, yes getting that here in Asia as well.

I also got disconnect and reconnect over and over again this week, it is annoying, I am in Asia server

Yes. Got this 17 April 0300 Zulu (16 April 2000 Local PDT) on the West Coast server.

All better today.

I get this EVERYTIME I start FS2020. It takes several minutes of connecting and disconnecting before it stays connected.

I too am in the UK. I’ve tried it by selecting different servers manually as well on automatic, makes no difference.

The connection issues also mean I can’t see the Marketplace either for a few minutes after starting. I’ve also had a loss of ATC lately too, don’t know if that’s connected.

Same here west coast US

Same here in the Philippines

This is MSFS problem I also posted a Thread yesterday and so many getting same problems it is NOT our internet Providers problem. and its about time Asobo got on Top of this!

:wave: Thank you using the Bug section, using templates provided will greatly help the team reproducing the issue and ease the process of fixing it.

Are you using Developer Mode or made changes in it?


Brief description of the issue:

I have just done a flight of around 1 hours length and within this flight I’ve had the message stating my bandwidth is too slow for streaming data and switched to offline mode 4 times. I’ve checked and my connection my end is find so I think this must be a server error. When it switches offline, once you click ‘ok’ on the message instead of switching to offline scenery it’s just a blue void that the aircraft falls into and ruins the flight.

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Lots of people reporting this on Avsim. Not just SU9 beta problem


Ah okay. Thanks for the info.

Also getting disconnects during flight - multiple times within the last 30 minutes. UK based.

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I had the low bandwidth message today too, first time ever.

Same - US East server and got it for the first time yesterday.