[OFFICIAL] Real vs. Sim Screenshots

I tried to exactly replicate some photos I had taken using the date/time/weather conditions…

Kuala Lumpur:

The Lake District, England:



Love the KL shot! If only night lighting was better in the sim!

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Geiranger Norway


Harbour of Kiel, Northern Germany, below thumbnail of a copyright image may be already known :blush:

Btw on the left some bad PG scenery… elsewhere the city of Kiel has much nicer views !

With 8x8 texture, high texture synth, building ultra settings, LOD etc, the PG quality gets better… but to run these settings during flight is above my league !

Closer look at that ship, it looks lovely… surroundings improve… but can’t find a nice RW match. Post it anyway…


repost, but needed to be here.

YMML rwy34

different time of year… 3 March versus 20 May

Florence - view from the dome

the spike in the distance vanished after an update the day I took this

YMML Melbourne domestic terminal

not an apples for apples comparison, but the inclusion of a hugely important spot and where my fathers resting place… RIP - p.s stand upwind when scattering ashes. Also saw Haley’s Comet from that spot. Was surprised to see it in the sim… such a ‘minor’ detail


@justcruisin1186 very nice images ! but please see you align your ingame screenshot better with the RW photograph. That’s what this topic is about.

Take your drone settings… move, zoom move zoom, tilt the camera until the horizon aligns… then go match left and right… it should be same looking angle and same content in the view. See that time of day is similar… clouds are similar…

because just 1 of 4 sets was different… alright then. I can see the others were WILDY different apparently

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Central Cascades, WA

Columbia River Gorge, WA


Tête Parmelan, near Mont Blanc

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Mont Veyrier / Mont Baron, near Mont Blanc,


what a pity that it is not possible to adjust the color of the water, the turquoise of the lake water is missing in the simulation

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For everyone’s information, the challenge is to find the real images contained in the description of this flight plan by following it:

additional clues: the photos are placed in the order in which you will cross them in the flight plan and are a waypoint or nearby

Agree. Put it in the wishlist, I’ll vote for it. Water should have a base color, not only a mask over it.

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it would be better but never perfect: if I see the three lakes close to here (Annecy, Bourget and Leman), one is turquoise, the second midnight blue and the last green. How to predict that?

That would be determined using the aerial images of the region. Same trick as photogrammetry. Color could be taken into account, the info is available. (let’s not proceed discuss here… this topic is for images)

In 2012 I visited Cappadocia, Turkey. I took the opportunity to fly a hot air balloon at sunrise. It’s a fantastic experience, watching the unique landscape during the golden hour and see the sky filled with balloons.

I recently found some photos that I took from the balloon ride and wanted to see if I could find the spot where the photos were taken in the simulator. I took off from Nevşehir Kapadokya Airport (LTAZ) and flew south-east towards the towns of Göreme and Ürgüp, which I remember visiting during my trip. I believed that the ballon should have taken off somewhere around that area.

Eventually I spotted a mountain that looked very familiar. I compared it to the mountain from my photos. It looked pretty much identical. From there I didn’t take me too long to find a place that matched one of my photos. The screenshot angle is slightly off, but it has to be the same spot.


Are you actually kidding me…wow…this is a dream.

Preikestolen, Norway
(screenshot from twitter/msfs_support)


That big crack reminds me of certain Looney Tunes episodes :grimacing:


The colour seems off in the sim, it’s more gray irl