[OFFICIAL] Weekly Dev Update Screenshot Challenge: Need for Speed

It’s time for another screenshot challenge! The idea is to collectively explore different parts of the world together - areas that may be very familiar to you or perhaps a new place you have never flown before. Feel free to find others to fly with to capture the challenge, or go solo!

Last week’s winner from Italy and Malta: @YusufWardana

This Week’s Challenge

Need for Speed: Our free Top Gun: Maverick DLC is out now! Capture a screenshot with either the F18 or Darkstar during a flight or any of the new Challenges/Training. Feel free to pay homage to Top Gun in any of your shots!

If you have any screenshot challenge ideas for the future, send @Jummivana a DM!


  1. Any time of day
  2. Any type of weather
  3. Code of Conduct appropriate liveries
  4. 3rd party planes allowed for this week’s challenge
  5. Up to 10 entries (screenshots) allowed

The rest is fair game! Use your creativity! We will pick the top 11 shots. 1 will be featured as the main photo of the next dev update and the other 10 will be featured in the community section.

You may also add a watermark or username to your image if you wish.

How To Submit Your Screenshot

Just post them below here in this thread, or if you’re on Twitter you can tweet your photo with the #MSFSchallenge hashtag!

Note: This thread is for screenshot submissions only. Unless you have a particular question about the challenge, please do not engage in casual conversation here. Thank you!


Prior to the speed run dive. . .

And after the recovery. :cowboy_hat_face: :cowboy_hat_face: :cowboy_hat_face:

“Good morning, aviators. This is your captain speaking.”

“Having any fun yet?” - Maverick

“Hold My Hand” by Lady Gaga


Top Gun: Northern Guard

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Now I got to land this thing :shushing_face:

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Day And Evening Take-Off from MCAS Miramar

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Two more. . .the plan was to fly from Groom Lake to KEDW via Oklahoma. But like the Mav, I got a little carried away.

Whoops. That’s KDFW down there!

Then, since I couldn’t push her past 9.86M no matter what I did, I decided to go for an altitude record. . .and managed to join the “top 5 fastest folks alive” club.

:rofl: :cowboy_hat_face: :cowboy_hat_face: :cowboy_hat_face: :rofl:

PS. Good thing I was squawking 1200 for VFR flight.

Mach9…keeps the hairstyle

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32°52′04″N 117°08′30″W
MCAS Miramar
04:55 AM