Offset Localizer in Stuttgart, Germany (EDDS)

@jfoguet61 Looking at your content.xml file it seems as if it may benefit from being rebuilt from scratch as the content.xml seems to work best when the contents of Official>onestore are catalogued before the contents of the community folder.

One way to do this would be to use Navigraph data centre to remove navigraph data.
Delete content.xml
Run MSFS which will rebuild content.xml
Exit MSFS and then reinstall navigraph
Move the entry for navigraph to where you wish
Re run MSFS and retest EDDS ILS


I suspect it might as the EDDS entry is still within the Official>One Store category. Might be worth a shot.
(However, initially I would suggest just moving the EDDS entry to the line immediately above the Navigraph entry and see if it generates any issues.)

@tamalien thanks for the tip, I will try that later :slight_smile:

That is was i just tried … localizer in EDDS is still correct :+1:

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@tamalien I tried your method and I did the trick…
Well, almost…
Now the ILS path was perfectly aligned with RWY25, but it made me land a few hundreds of meters ahead of the runway, just on top of the before-runway landing guiding lights…
May be I will try again tomorrow…

Well it seems things are getting better!

I have to confess I didn’t actually follow through on a landing to see where the autoland will set the touchdown zone to see if there was an issue with that myself. It is something I have made a mental note to check.

Reporting to Zendesk is like sending a letter to Santa Claus.

You ain’t getting a reply.


@jfoguet61 I confirm that autoland is not advisable at this airport currently on rwy 25 :grin:

The FBW A320 using autoland wants to put me down in the same zone you describe.

I don’t know if this is an issue with Navigraphs ILS data. Looking at navigraph supplied charts the runway is theoretically a CAT III so autolands should be authorised, if I understand things correctly!

It may be something you wish to inquire about on Navigraph’s forums.

Yeps, that’s exactly how I saw it…
Before landing on the grass strip and crashing a few light bulbs…

Can confirm the offset on Asobo navdata.

The Navigraph data will over ride the Asobo navdata (and third party) if you have a subscription.

it will indeed … but that will fix only the offset localizer. Glideslope points still right into the Runway lighting in front of the runway.

I posted about the 25 touchdown zone for the ILS approach using Navigraph data on their forums.
Thread is here:
According to Navigraph their data is all correct and they suspect a scenery issue for this airport.
They also said that the stock data from MSFS has the same behaviour.

I jumped in to MSFS to explore the elevation at the threshold of runway 25.
Using live weather with pressure set using ‘b’, the runway elevation for 25 is reading as 1260 ft.

According to the official charts the runway elevation should be 1181 ft.
The runway is supposed to be downward sloping by c 90 feet (1267 ft 07 threshold down to 1181 ft 25 threshold) In the sim the current handcrafted EDDS is almost entirely a flat runway.

I guess this will account for the incorrect touchdown zone.

I just found same issue on Xbox yesterday… I guess there is no possible solution for Xbox users as of now :frowning:
Btw if I turn on taxi and landing assistance and request take off, the blue dirrection taxi ribbon guides me far beyond the runway asphalt, somewhere into the localizer antennas… Forces me to start take off from grass. It seems that the runway is visible actually on the different place that the game thinks it is :slight_smile:

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I created a fix for the runway slope and localizer:

Have fun :grinning:


Thanks! This is great.

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Microsoft Store version

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Brief description of the issue:
I just flew into EDDS Stuttgart for the first time and the aircraft captured the localiser and glideslope perfectly - except that I was offset to the right of the actual runway centreline, and aiming at one of the taxiways!

Provide Screenshot(s)/video(s) of the issue encountered:

You can see here the purple diamond on the PFD showing I’m perfectly “on the localiser” except the view out the window does not correlate! Please do not judge the fact I’m a) a bit fast, b) don’t have gear down yet, and c) don’t have flaps out yet! I was a bit distracted by what I was seeing out the window! (I did correct everything and landed safely :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

Detail steps to reproduce the issue encountered:
Not sure what to say here except I was flying the BADSO 2A arrival to ILS approach for runway 25, and using the latest Experimental build of the FBW A32nx (as of today, 13th November 2021)

PC specs and/or peripheral set up of relevant:
Ryzen 3800XT
Nvidia RTX 3070
32Gb RAM
Windows 10
4K Ultra graphics settings
Have Thrustmaster TCA sidestick and throttles.

Build Version # when you first started experiencing this issue:
Never flew into EDDS before but this is the current MSFS build I guess this may have been wrong since the custom EDDS was added into the sim in the Germany world update?

Voted. In the mean time here is a fix: EDDS runway slope and ILS fix » Microsoft Flight Simulator

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Ah brilliant! Thanks for the fix :slight_smile:

For me it’s the same.
Localizer is not on the runway, the same in Althenrhein, wich also comes with the latest World Update.