Ok, I had to do it... Where is "Self Loading Cargo" for MSFS?

I’m not the type to hound devs about a release but I’ve been silent for quite a while. The last update to SLC made availible in august of 2020… we are now in 2022. And that would be fine if the dev didn’t say they were going to release 1.6 by the end of 2021. But here we are in march of the year after and the last we heard was in January. All of this is fine. The dev explained that there are delays but what concerns me the most is that they effectively killed the only outlet for info and discussion on the product by effectively making it so users cant even talk on the SLC discord (only admin can post). They said it was becoming too much to manage, but if thats the case, why shut down general chat about the product as well??? It’s not like they HAVE to manage that.

At the end of the day I understand how this works and customers don’t deserve anything necessarily. Although one could argue that those who paid in expecting an update, should get that. But can we at least get an update? If you gave up, can you just let us know so we aren’t waiting for the thing, or if you need more time, can you just say that? 2-3 months of radio silence from someone who used to give constant updates is spooky. Semi-Rant over.

On another note, I do hope the dev is doing ok, because life comes before code.


Forgive my ignorance SLC?

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Title edited for clarity.

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Please send this feedback directly to the manufacturer. Customer Complaints really aren’t supported here, the forums are provided as a Courtesy to discuss Third Party products member to member, and not serve as a replacement for Customer Service channels that the third party must provide separate from MSFS Discussion Board. Thanks.

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Is this app still under development? I remember buying SLC in its relatively early stages in 2020 mostly persuaded by its solid roadmap and the lack of something like FS Passengers for MSFS. However it seemed from the beginning that it was more of a one-man project, so I was skeptical and didn’t want to invest too much time in it.

Soon afterwards I moved to OnAir Company (which I’m still using for 90% of my flights) and I hadn’t used SLC for quite some time. I happened to check their Discord not 2 weeks ago and things seem to be awfully quiet there, as there’s effectively zero traffic since early January and even before that there was little user participation anyway. I guess many users may have dropped it and moved on to other apps? That would be a pity, as SLC had some features that neither OnAir nor Air Hauler or other similar career addons have.



My biggest regret was buying SLC


I agree, longest BETA developement of all time.


That’s the thing… The discord isn’t quite/low traffic due to a lack of interest. SLC’s specifically closed all of that discords channels to public users. In other words, they are the only ones who can post. And oddly enough they did it after the 3rd or 4th time they missed next updates release window. I find it perticularly shady because they didn’t really have to close the general chat channel as well, but i fear they did it so their isn’t a build up of people complaining about this year late update which wasn’t even supposed to be that big of a deal.

Yes sorry about that. I guess I should have been a bit more clear with my intention. I actually posted this in the hopes that someone from the community knew or had information on the status of this project. While there are main channels for this product, it is run by one person, and there haven’t been clear updates through those main channels for a long time. Outside of these main channels though, sometimes devs post information on forums, or various other outlets. And this is basically an appeal to see if anyone had information stemming from those outside channels.

Lol more specifically… Liberty l longest point (1.6​:eyes::eyes:) update in history.

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hahahah he loses it when approached on the matter aswell!

I mean I feel extra dirty because right before the effective muting of the discord, someone asked me if it was shady and I said naaaaah, the dev is always chatting in discord. And then boom.

Like, I get the plight of being a sole developer but at some point its like bro… this is just a point update and you’re past a year late on it. There’s literally a post from the 3rd of march 2021 titled " V1.6 Update - Why Hasn’t It Released Yet?" <<<<<<< A year ago it was already late lol. So yea… in conclusion, a very bad look.

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I was only thinking about this earlier today! I ended up going to the news section of the SLC website.
They posted an update on the 21st of March regarding the imminent release of v1.6. here’s hoping we see it soon!!!


THANKS! Somehow I missed this. He must have skipped posting this in the discord. I sure do hope “imminent release” doesn’t mean whooops December.

Yeah well, I stopped waiting for SLC update and just got myself PACX instead. I like PACX a lot more than SLC.

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last i checked it’s only one guy and he’s got a life too (wife, kids, job etc). He’s explained this plenty of times on the discord to the point where he just stops entertaining "when will it release?|. The discord exists for the flight sim community to discuss the addon and flight sim in various capacities. It’s not his collaboration tool since there’s no one to collaborate with. Call it a lack of trust or whatever you want but some people just want to maintain the control over their project as they see fit and delegation can sometimes do more harm than good. Obviously not in all cases, but that’s for the dev to decide.

No for sure, absolutlely. Which is why I don’t understand why he shut down the general discussion section… I mean the discord is all but dead. He didn’t even post the latest update there :man_shrugging:

i was kicked out of the discord channel for asking about the 1.6 update

I won’t argue with you but then I’m not sure what’s that supposed to mean. He’s not giving his app for free like many others do, we actually had to pay for it and much of the decision to buy SLC was based on the roadmap they had promised. Without that roadmap, the price of $15 wasn’t really worth it as SLC used to be pretty basic when it was first released. Hopefully they’ll back up their promise.


Is Self Loading Cargo the one where the passengers scream if you mess up your landing?

If so, I need it!