Ok, I had to do it... Where is "Self Loading Cargo" for MSFS?

It means exactly as I said it. SLC is developed by exactly one person. There is no “they.” This one person has a life outside developing SLC.

Now if you feel as if you haven’t gotten your money’s worth, that’s on you, not the developer. Looking at the news page on the SLC site, the last update was made last week, so it’s not like it’s abandonware. If you’re buying software on the basis of how the roadmap looks, i feel you will be constantly disappointed or angry at a given developer. Even then, it’s not the developers fault for not adhering to the roadmap you based your purchase on. That’s the big unspoken asterisk with Early Access applications: “development is subject to changes or delays.” See Exhibit A: Cyberpunk 2077. If a AAA Game studio can get plagued with delays and changing development timelines and roadmaps, then it stands to reason a single indie developer can also experience these things.

No, i based my purchase on the fact i can simulate passengers on my virtual flights. I read the roadmap but I didnt say “oh they’re gonna add medical emergencies in a future patch, i’m gonna buy it and wait for it to get released.” Making a purchase based on roadmaps is a naïve way to spend your money, I won’t judge you since its your money. That all said, I didn’t buy Self Loading Cargo based on future features with no decided release timelines.

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Thats because every time he has to respond to “when it 1.6 getting released” that’s time he’s taking away from the development of 1.6 and it gets worse the longer he has to argue with someone about it. If he shut down the general discussion, then it must have gotten out of hand to the point where he’s refusing to deal with the community at all. Having been on that discord at one point (i left, it got old real quick), I completely understand where the guy is coming from and his frustration with the community. Have you ever gotten annoyed from having to repeat yourself?

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Personally I don’t care about SLC as, like I said, I’m investing all my time in OnAir Company which may have a subscription model but a) it has an entire company backing it up, b) sees regular updates, c) delivers what it promises.

Like I said I won’t argue with you and I see all your points, even if I don’t agree with a single thing you just said in your attempt to back up the disappointment that SLC has become. Let’s leave it there.

People should just be warned when considering buying this thing, because it clearly has a very hazy future judging by its past and if we’re indeed dealing with a developer “who has a life, wife, kids etc” but is also selling his product without keeping up his schedule or even sharing regular customer updates, then I don’t know why we’re wasting our time in this thread.

My feeling is that SLC users mostly care about the lack of recent updates and muting of Discord, rather than 1.6 being delayed. If these two issues are addressed, then things could be easily turned around. Because like I said this is a good app with potential, it can do things that other much bigger apps don’t.

It’s up to the buyer to educate themselves as to the state of a particular app. If you buy a car without finding out if it has any problems, while the dealer is responsible for disclosing these issues, if you still buy the car with problems, thats your fault.

And for what its worth, if people are not satisified with the development speed of SLC, they can purchase PACX for twice as much for the exact same thing.

This whole thread is about something none of us have any control over. At this point, it’s the individuals problem they’re mad they feel like they wasted their money/getting lied to whatever. This is not a full time project for the developer, so why are we expecting full time development schedules? Most SLC users understand the current state of the app, so theres no need to talk about it on discord. The smallest minority often have the loudest voices

This thread should be locked, it’s not gonna go any further at this point

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That is wrong. If a developer states in August 2020, that the update fixing problems with MSFS 2020 will come SOON, and does not manage to fix lets say the door opening/closing feature in nearly two years and tells people that it will be ready in one month, then another month, then another month and so on, he is cheating. People bought this software based on the promise of the MSFS 2020 problems to be fixed SOON.
This update will never come and users should be warned to spend their money there.

Your car seller made a promise. You would never accept that. Besides: is it you, Steve?


I stopped using that software just because I got tired of waiting for the update. I have never understood why the developer set tons of goals for the next update (and he knew he can’t reach them in some reasonable time window regarding his pace) and why he does not release more frequent updates with couple of fixes and/or just a few new or improved features.

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I personally asked the developer on Discord about the update in November 2020 and after dealing with some of his “bodyguards” he promised me “it will be soon”. And here we are, more than one year later. Actually, I didn’t know the update has not been released yet. I bought PACX.


Good decision. I also thought about doing that. But it does not play well in VR, does it?

Sorry, I have zero experience with VR.

Hi Everyone,

Just as a reminder - it’s understandable why some users may feel dissatisfaction with the product for a variety of reasons.

However, we provide these forums NOT AS A WAY TO AIR GRIEVANCES. Rather, we opened the 3rd Party area for General Discussion of said products. Certainly within that remit are subjects such as Product Performance and Price. You can also expect to see cautions regarding good/bad Customer Service.

That is NOT THE SAME as conjecture about why a particular product was built or designed or ended up a certain why. Or why a Vendor chose to close an obvious support channel.

Users come to the forums to be informed. Please do your best to make sure what you are posting supports: Constructive, Relevant, Respectful, Informative.

Thank you.

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no it’s not VR compatible last i checked. There are some other apps that will let you display a desktop window (for example Youtube or another app) but it does not work natively

I have but at the end of the day, it doesn’t mean you have to withdraw completely :man_shrugging:. At some point a lot of it is on him. For example, in Dec 2021 he posted “I will be restarting on those in the week commencing Monday 3rd January.”… of course his next update didnt come till the 21st of March 2022… Like cmon. If you’re gonna be that specific and you can’t hold up to it, at least post a message saying something, anything about it, on that date or soon after. Not 3 months later lol.


This is exactly true. I don’t care about the delay. In fact I absolutely understand it (in general, but 2 years is kinda crazy). What I don’t like or am concerned about is a straight up lack communication. Like if you’re late, just say that. And if you absolutely dont know when it will be ready, a general estimate is fine too. But like this thing where you say exact dates or even like his latest post which says release is “imminent”… like imminent? its been 10 days since the 21st lol. As a customer its never good when you start to feel jerked around.

Nope, this thread was about me seeking out if anyone had information that I was missing. And it turns out they did as I found that there was a post on the 21st of march. It just wasnt made to the discord.

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The developer of SLC is still in his winter sleep and not wanted to communicate.
The development of the upgrade to version 1.6 is more than one year over time.
The developer have sad every time that it’s almost ready but the last months there is a complete radio silence.


I was a SLC user until old mates complete disregard for his customers made me look for an alternative.

Have any of you guys used LukeAirTool? It’s free and to be honest, after just a couple of flights I reckon is superior to SLC in most ways. The audio files are streamed and tailored to the airline you’re flying - there’s literally hundreds of airlines all with their own audio recordings. Seatmaps a plenty and some other great features.

Unless SLC 1.6 brings some amazing new features then there’s no way I’mm going to it - LukeAirTool seems superior in every way. Plus it appears reguarly updated.


Clearly you have never moderated a forum before.

You cannot have your product attached to a cesspool, unmodertated even with the best of bots … best I can say … humans can be very intelligent and very bad.

I literally have. But regaurdless of that, if you’re not gonna actually post updates there, why even leave it up? (I say this because the latest updates aren’t even being posted there anymore). Also aside from this, if moderation was the issue I have no doubt that he would have had zero problems getting volunteers.

Either way, none of this matters. It’s pretty clear (even if not for certain) that all the channels were closed bc he’s like 2 years late on a single freaking update and didn’t want to take heat :man_shrugging:t5:. For him to all of a sudden after 2 years of already running the thing all of a sudden decide it’s too much? Let’s be real, that discord didn’t even have activity like that in terms of raw traffic. :expressionless:

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At any rate it seems he’s clearly not interested in MSFS as their are updates to other sim products as recently as March 2022 with news of version 1.6 for those sims.

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I could have sworn it’s one sku for all of them… :man_shrugging:t5: