Ok, I had to do it... Where is "Self Loading Cargo" for MSFS?

That was not an update at all. He released a script to solve an issue with seat belt sign switches in X-plane.

Maybe what he wants is too hard for him.
He is on his own and has no backup of someone to help him.

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I mean surely if that’s the case…He’s made money on the product… why not hire help. I know i’m make it sound way easier than it is, but that comes with the territory of releasing a product.


“The discord exists for the flight sim community to discuss the addon…”

Nop, discord is/was a support site too in addition with email, as indicated on the website.

I was there from the beginning oct 3 2019 But finally he turns mad, censorship, 2 years to release an update and nobody can’t ask him without be banned… so it’s not about the update, it’s about the way he deals with customers and professionalism.

I was banned for nothing, you can search on reddit “My experience as a consumer with an independent developer” If you want to know what I mean or more details, since it has already been said that this is not the right place to complain :grin: In short, it is exactly what Casualclick has said:

You can also expect to see cautions regarding good/bad Customer Service.

Nevertheless, the program is good, but I don’t know if it is better or worse than PACX.

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as far as my understanding goes, they’re pretty much the same. The difference is one is being done by a team of people and the other is one guy and PACX has a lot of the features SLC says it’s going to have (medical emergencies and the like)

Now i don’t blame the SLC dev for reacting the way he does. I’m not saying he’s right for doing it, but i can see where he’s coming from. There’s a healthy number of people that get a discord because thats the only way to get support for a product these days and of those people there’s going to be people that don’t exactly know what discord etiquette is. Every time i join a new discord for a product, i look for an FAQ and browse the support and bug reports channels just on the off chance my issue is solvable or known to the devs. If i don’t see anything, then i’ll mention something. A lot of the people getting banned on the SLC discord are likely these types who just jump in and start asking questions without realizing it’s already been answered. I always say when it comes to drama, it takes two to tango.

Again, not saying he’s right for whatever he does. But the only actions you have control over are your own much like only the SLC dev can control only what he does. If he reasons that you should be banned for asking when the update happens, especially since it’s plastered all over the place explaining when it happens it will happen, then that’s his prerogative. No one ever gets banned for no reason. So what would be more effective: Post about it on the internet, or spending your money on a product with superior customer service?

If you’re not satisifed with the way he does business (which again, its not excusable but not entirely one sided in my mind), then why bother continuing to engage in the discussion? I don’t use SLC because it crashes my game more often than not but i can’t justify the $30 cost of PacX for the exact same thing.

SLC development of version 1.6 is so unbelievable slow.
The developer is telling his customers one and a half year that the update is almost ready, but nothing happens. Now there is a complete silence and also discord is blocked for all his customers. I stopped using SLC because i have also problems with sim crashes.
I use Pacx now and that works without problems.

The thing is, i like SLC way better than pacx :man_shrugging:t5:. I just wish the dev would stop messing around.

Pacx all the way for me and after the recent update, it’s awesome!


I agree with your second paragraph. Many people came in and didn’t read anything. But what can we do, it seems to be the norm nowadays with instant messaging.

"If he reasons that you should be banned for asking when the update happens, especially since it’s plastered all over the place explaining when it happens it will happen, then that’s his prerogative. No one ever gets banned for no reason. "

I never ask for release date, I never gave any problems, and I intervened many times asking for patience with him, several of its sales came because of my recommendations and because I translated it into another language, which made it attractive to non-English speakers. He kicked me out because he got his wires crossed when I said that it was the anniversary of the 1.55 update. I did not breach any of his rules.

He then deleted my message, I asked him what I had said to be necessary to delete my message, he quickly deleted my question, without any kind of explanation, trying to make sure no one noticed. He opened me a private message to complain and made up that I had asked about the release date of the update and that I was inviting others to comment on the matter, I tried to tell him it was a misunderstanding on his part, he took it personally, far from apologizing he treated me in a very unpleasant way, saying that if I wanted to p*ss on him.

You can look up the conversation on reddit as I told you, I’m not going to argue again something that is a verifiable fact, and that is off topic in this post. I’m sorry, but I’m not going to accept your argument that I asked for an update release and that’s why he banned me. It’s unjustifiable whether it’s a team, or a single person, if you do business you have to be professional.

If I posted it on reddit at the time it was to tell my experience, since I couldn’t complain anywhere or communicate with the developer anymore.
I think the topic of the post is more or less clear, with the different opinions/experiences of the consumers of this product.


Your tip is gold. Tried it and will stick with it and there is very active development going on. Thank you!

I think you did the right thing. It’s not like you’re coming here to just complain without basis. I think yours is a story worth hearing. It’s incredibly note worthy that the developer goes so far out of his way to stifle all talk about how late he is, especially when we are talking two years here. 3 months is one thing, BUT ALMOST TWO YEARS NOW? I just can’t believe that he doesn’t understand that if he took the energy he uses to do that stuff and used it to be upfront instead, supporters of the product could understand. Like even if the project has to be paused indefinitely, he could just say that. But I’m guessing hes so afraid of the prospect of having to give refunds that he’s just launched himself into a world of denial.


It’s better then the latest 1.5 version of SLC.
I like the map view of the flight that can be loaded.


I feel like people wouldn’t get banned in the SLC Discord, if the developer would at least post any announcement at all in the work-in-progress channel. There’s been nothing posted in there since December.

I mean, he’s already locked down the Discord to read only so that people wouldn’t keep asking him about product updates, updating the work-in-progress channel is the least he could do. I guess that’s how he wants to treat paying customers.


I just wish we can see this and the IFE from within the app itself and not from an external browser.

I guess it also depends on what you’re technically paying for. Do you pay to use the current SLC and future updates. Or do you pay to use SLC v1.5 and the option to receive a free update in the future. They’re technically different definition. And it does look like the developer defines paying customer as the latter. Meaning, you pay to use SLC v1.5, and you are getting what you pay for. But you have no say or control with what future updates coming, because you’re not really paying for them. They’re free.

That’s true, you’re paying for SLC v1.5 and free updates, but just with the caveat that you won’t get customer service, or any real updates on what’s coming.

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I don’t no why, but he hides himself from his customers!

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I have given up on this app. It is going nowhere, No updates, no nothing. Yes it works but so it should, no gold stars for selling an app that works. It just feels stagnant at this point.

PACX will have to do which is ok, but SLC was better IMHO.


I still use Self loading cargo i way prefer this to pacx but i think the dev has giving up on it…Version 6.0 was meant to be out months ago

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This dev is a joke, plain and simple. A lazy you-know-what who plainly and simply doesn’t take responsibility for wanting to abandon his project, because YES IT IS ABANDONNED (stop being naive some of you lol), and not come clean with it.

He played on his customers with utter disrespect, constantly promising that 1.6 was “just around the corner” for almost… 2 years now… it’s been more than a year that 1.6 is 98% finished. WHAT A JOKE :rage:
Also, he had a very bad habit of banning and insulting anyone who was asking for news on progress, stating his discord who barely had much users, was “a time sink which was responsible for the constant delays” (what a joke lol), some people even stated that he wouldn’t respond to them via email for support.
Also if you reached to him politely and suggested him to release a hotfix just for enforcing boarding/deboarding in case of broken door management, which was a super easy hotfix to implement, and if you suggested a way on how to do it, you’d get insults in return as if you were harassing him… :roll_eyes:

I’m okay with someone wanting to abandon a project, but you MUST come clean with it, state where the product is currently broken, AND STOP SELLING IT to prospective customers UNLESS you specifically state that it won’t go further AND/OR AT LEAST that the product is nowhere near useable if you’re not on a jetway for both boarding and deboarding for most planes which is a huge deal breaker. And shut the discord OFF and not just put it to read only, because to a prospective customers who is not thinking that there might be a scam behind this, it might lure him into believing there’s an active discord and that nobody complains here. AND OF COURSE, remove everything pertaining to promises on future update to not pull off some marketing ■■■■ and elicit more deceptive sells out of thin air.

HE STILL WANT THE SELL luring people and not deliver afterward, it’s plain opbvious and it’s called “deceptive practices”, there’s no two way about it!

Anyway, in the meantime, PacX made some real progress and has layouts and all and even more than SLC. And now, even the freeware LukeAirTool seems to have everything SLC has and then some.

Now the dev even have to face a free competition better than him and you expect him to continue working on SLC?? You’re dreaming if you do, he simply vanished, as are every evidences showing now (discord read only, youtube comments off)

He plainly ripped us off of our money by saying that yes, doors management was broken but we could buy with confidence as he was promising us it was going to be fixed Very Soon® (yes, “very soon” or “almost done” seems to be his trademark lol)

!!! DO NOT BUY !!! it’s now become a real scam


Also, if you have a look on his company, on which youtube account he was posting his SLC videos, information updates on GOV.UK for Lanilogic Technology Solutions Ltd (how pompous just for that… :smile:), you’ll see that by the 6th of April, he transferred the direction to his wife. Usually not a good sign, it’s often a trick to avoid personal responsibilities. At least, it goes to show the “company” (if you can call it that way) is still probably in “business” (if you can call it that way too… :joy:)