Ok, I had to do it... Where is "Self Loading Cargo" for MSFS?

Just now seeing all of this… for those who are defending Steve on SLC, sorry – there’s no defense. 1.6 was promised and commuicated, by him, since late 2020. Then more delays. Cool, nothing out of the ordinary there. Then we were told it would come during last summer’s flight sim conference (I forget the name), then nope, delayed again. Then he told us via discord that we were the cause of the delay. He was spending too much time responding to customers (eye roll). Then, later in 2021, “it was an imminent release”. Then silence and more silence. Late December 2021, he turned his discord into read-only so others can’t ask questions or hold any sort of accountability.

My point isn’t to bash him. I don’t know him personally. I know he said he’s going through some personal stuff on his twitter page, which I wholeheartedly understand… but from a customer perspective, he won’t get another dime from me. I just think he’s in way over his head, maybe, and 1.6 promised too much for him to deliver. Or he just has way too much going on in other areas and SLC took the back seat… but as others mention above, communicate it and own your responsibility in it. The customers aren’t the issue.

All that said, PACX works just as great and they’ve just recently updated their app, so I highly encourage people to use it.


I think we can forget about having a update to a new version of SLC.
I have deleted my account on the SLC Discord server and use PACX in the future.


i haven’t been able to use SLC for months without a guaranteed CTD. I’m about to bandwagon over to PACX cause it works

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Do so and never look back. Vapourware is what I would call 1.6. garbage dev, they could at least say and be honest, that the music has stopped and the party’s over.


Just switched to PACX too, at least it is updated and taken care of and has more functionnalities as of now. This dev is definitely on my black list now, but I suspect we will never see him back again anyway…

Yep, except… that would mean stopping to sell the product. You can still buy it while no concerns can be voiced through official channels to warn potential buyers… you get my drift :wink:


He was barely active on his Discord… :roll_eyes:

as of today June 8, website is dead and the program does not activate anymore even if you put in your personal serial number.

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That escalated qui… slowly :sweat_smile:

Its working, the site looks fine to me

Same for me. I went out this morning to hit the SLC site and it loaded up just fine.

Also, while I agree that it sucks waiting around forever for v1.6 to be released, I have to say that even as it is, I still use the current version in FS2020 all the time and enjoy it even with the issue of not being able to control the opening / closing of the doors correctly.

For anyone interested, what I will typically do when using SLC on a flight is make sure that I depart and land at gates where I can connect and remove the jetway to / from the plane. This opens the door correctly as far as SLC is concerned and allows passengers to get on and off the plane.

For airports that don’t have functioning jetways, I found a little utility called:

MSFS Door Tool

This utility allows you to open and close the doors for most planes I’ve tried it with (as far as SLC goes). So, yes, it is silly that you have to jump through these hoops to solve the door issue in FS2020, but I haven’t let it stop me from enjoying SLC even in its current state.

FWIW, I also have PACX and use that from time to time, but I really miss hearing my passengers scream when I do something stupid (like taxiing across the grass late at night when I can’t see the taxiways) when running SLC. :slight_smile:


checked yesterday, site was still dead and it even reverted to a non secure type (http only).

yep today it is working, program runs fine again.

i thought he left us completely :smiley:

Site is avalible for me

He keeps promising that the release is imminent, but almost 3 months later there is nothing…:zzz: :zzz:

21st March 2022
Hello everyone!

In preparation for the imminent release of Self-Loading Cargo v1.6 (at LAST!)

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its a dead program…it was from the moment he started ban pepole for asking several things…


If what you claim is true, he’s had 3 months now of uninterrupted time to finish this imminent release. Since there’s zero updates, I would say it’s clear that this is not the problem.

This guy sold a product claiming it was compatible with MSFS and then failed to deliver a fix that breaks the game (aka, doors won’t open and boarding doesn’t happen correctly). He later removed from the website that the product is compatible with MSFS, which means he’s fully aware that it’s not working.

The promised update is supposed to fix this.

So no, he doesn’t get to be frustrated with the community or getting annoyed by having to repeat himself. He can fix the issue and then the community will be happy or he can return the money to those who payed for a broken tool. Any other solution seems dangerously close to fraud.


He is working more then a year now to finish the update to version 1.6.
Is there any hope that he will release this update? I don’t think so! :cry:


I still use SLC, I don’t like to speak my own pilot announcements and it has pre-recorded or text to speech custom ones for that. I bought PACX when it came out, realized that you had to do your own pilot announcements and asked if they plan to add it and was given a maybe but probably not and thread closed so PACX Devs have left the same sour taste for me with their smarmy responses to some on their forums.
I have been able to get around the door thing, problem is every dev of every aircraft uses a different door ID (MSFS thing I think, if I remember it assigns doors rather haphazardly in the tool and there is no standard door 1 is main pax, door 2 is service ect.) for the diff doors so you have to go in and change the door ID in SLC layout to match the aircraft. Most of mine now open with Jetway on the correct door. I do like the text to speech option as well and after installing Amazon Polly into windows it is even better.
Again they both have their strong points but SLC for me due to these 2 points is what I stick with. IF it gets updated good, if it doesn’t that is ok too I got my $12 worth. It also pairs well with the new version of A Pilots Life so PACX career mode is not even a concern for me. I just want a passenger simulator without all the extra stuff and SLC does that well.


He is having problems with a plane he is wanting for a dev to come back to him i emailed him last week

if he just allowed us to skip opening the doors would have been a great app and I would be using it now and highly recommended it . Too unreliable with the door sense at moment. Too many times has it failed to recognise the doors even when I think I have a good workaround get back in same plane and guess what does not work . Quick easy hotfix to bypass when not working and no negativity

The question/problem is … Why are we hearing that from you and not him.