Okavango addon is non functional after Patch

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Since Patch every attempt to start a flight from one of the Okavango airstrips or even from the air within the Okavango boundaries leads to a completely frozen sim during the following loading screen. Anyone else who has the same problems?
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I have the same issue, and one of my friends too.

3 of use regularly fly together. 2 of us, including me, bought from Marketplace - and we have exactly the same issue as you - same symptoms to a tee. the 3rd person bought his copy from Orbx Central, and he doesn’t have the issue.

We had assumed that Simworks had placed an update on Orbx Central and that the same update will appear on Marketplace. We assume it takes longer for updates to come to Marketplace. We have no concrete data to back this up though.

I hope others can confrm??

I have the same issue as well.

Since this is about a 3rd party scenery, you better contact support of that addon.
If the version on the marketplace is outdated, it’s still up to the 3rd party to deliver the update. And if they did, you can only wait for the next Marketplace update cycle.

With Okavango, FS2020 load but freeze at the end and reading the answer you received, the choice seems very clear to me: If you buy an addon from a 3rd party on simmarket, 1: you may not have the latest version and 2: don’t expect any help from FS2020! I REinstalled it (community folder empty or not), MFS freeze. Uninstalled it, MFS works…

Hello. Have you cleared the Rolling Cache in “General Options”- “Data”?

Yes, I did. But it didn’t help. Thank you!

hi !

i used the okavango-delta scenerey for a few months without any problems

but now - after loading the latest update for that scenery - when selecting any of the airports of that scenery flight simulator freezes during loading it – i have to kill it via windows task manager

deleting and reinstalling the scenery didn’t help

thanks for hints how to fly again within that scenery


ps: scenery and flight simulator are up to date and all other sceneries work fine

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Before I update a product I usually back up my previous installation of the add on. If you do the same then for the moment I would just reload the previous version.

In the absence of this I would contact the retailer or dev and maybe ask for help :slightly_smiling_face:

ok - backup/restore is fine

but it does not solve the problem or answer the question, why a specific update does not work and what can be done to make it work… :wink:

so if there is nobody with the same problem or with an hint, i’ll investigate more deeply what happened

thanks Kurt

I have the same issue I just bought this scenery from the MSFS market and it will not load (the sim starts but if I select an airstrip in this area it will not start the flight) I have no option to install from a back up as I don’t have one. I have made a complaint to MSFS store for selling me a product that does not work as it would appear to be a known issue Note I had not seen this thread before I bought it.

i contacted simworkstudios some time ago but up to now there is no answer

On their facebook Site they made a statement that they’ll be on holidays between 12th and 23rd of August and won’t be able to answer emails.
They also mentioned CTDs reports and will look to it.

So from Tuesday they should be go active again.

OK thanks !

but of course it would be good if simworks wrote that on their website as well :slight_smile:

Agreed it would. Presumably it will hopefully get sorted when they get back from hols.

Not wishing to derail your thread at all but I have been mulling over getting this myself. I don’t usually buy many scenery add ons (exception being Bijan’s excellent tree addon) but this looks quite interesting. Is it worth the £18 in your opinion?

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for me it was worth because we made a trip thrughout botswana and the okavango-delta

most of the camps we vsited i can find in that scenery - and all of them are made very good

but in the moment scernery does not work and freezes my sim :-(((

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That must have been fantastic and I can imagine this was an instant buy for you :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m guessing the problems with the scenery will be fixed, hopefully soon too, since the devs were on hols :slightly_smiling_face:

an here is the answer from simworks:

Hello Kurt,

We are aware of the issue, but this started after 1.18.15 (Sim Update 5) and doesn’t affect everyone. What one of our customers found out is that if you start at another, non-custom airport in Okavango, it will load fine and you can fly into our airstrips. That in itself is odd.

Also, we cannot reproduce the problem internally, so we believe this is an issue with MSFS itself, not the scenery. Our official position is to wait for World Update 6 which is supposed to fix a number of CTD issues and see after.

Kind regards,
Evripides Efthymiou

without my doing the scenery suddenly works again…

The issue for me is the two bush trips as they CTD when I press ‘Fly’. But freeflight from the airstrips and scenery are fine.