OnAir: manage your own MSFS airline company

Looks like a great alternative to FSEconomy!

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Yes , tried out the 7 day free trial , and i was hooked . Really adds to the sim .


Just a fair warning: Test it first. There´s a trial.

I subscribed and I am now regretting it. Several reasons. But see yourself.

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Why do you regrett ?

I trialled it too but it wasn’t really for me especially based on the premium monthly subscription rather than a one off payment. The fuel usage was way off and the weight doesn’t send to your active plane (or at least didn’t for me). FSEconomy for me was the better option, but you might have a better experience. Worth the weeks free trial I guess?


i fail to see why this program is constantly getting spammed on various forums and groups. It is nothing new FSE does the exact same thing and is FREE

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I did kind of wonder that myself - it’s almost like a forum marketing campaign! :laughing:


Probably because everyone wanted to go to FSEconomy but they closed registrations. So people are looking for alternatives.

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Glad i am not the only one it seems as if they are getting told to go and spam onair. It has been around for a while and never have they bothered to promote. Now all of a sudden because of MSFS it is getting posted everywhere by apparant members.
I does make yo wonder if these people are getting asked to spam it to promote it. If anything it would put me off as every forum and group i am in it is getting brough up and it seems to be the same copy paste comment about the service. Very strange.

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because its 9 bucks a month for something that is FREE on FSE

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But On Air has a better interface and whatnot. I watched a youtuber use FSeconomy and the UI was pretty bad. I can’t try it myself because they aren’t accepting new users.

It’s not a conspiracy. On Air is better, in my opinion. Worth $8 a month for me


Well, check OP’s history :slight_smile: Its all one line advertising links anyways. The account is created for promotion.

There is a reason OnAir needs that much marketing push, but FSE does not :wink:


@UncleJamie78 completely agree. there are community add ons and commercial add ons, each has its own benefits and pitfalls. I’ve been using on-air and really like it. I didn’t get on that well with FSE, but others love it. Each to their own.


If FSE is so awesome. Why didn’t the devs get more servers before MSFS launch? Every customer who wanted to try FSE and can’t join is going to On Air

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What do you mean the fuel was way off, you tell it how much fuel you want.

Because it way better and not as archaic as FSEconomy is, plus the devs actually take into account the users wishes and actually do something about it fairly soon rather than debating it for 6 months before doing nothing.


On Air has a free trial of a week. They don’t take your payment info until the week is up

LOL a better Interface?

The single-window-click-orgy? Are you actually kidding me? I don´t want to sound unfair but the UI shows that the devs are nothing more than second-class-hobby-developers, also the scaling of the app and database were - lets say - slightly unprofessional.

For this performance you will be fired in any software company I know.

And by the way, this OnAir-Thingie has nothing to do with the reality of running an airline. Dispatching is… well… lets say… unrealistic at least, if not a total phantasy product of the devs at all.

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You want to talk amateur? FSeconomy’s ancient manual approval process of applications is a complete joke…

Until AirHauler 2 or 3 comes out for MSFS, I’ll stick with OnAir.


To weigh in on this debate, I have tried both. Both have pros and cons. The below is an opinion. I have no affiliation with either product.

FSE is free, but its user interface is horrific, and the community seems somewhat passive aggresive towards MSFS. I spent more time fighting with the interface than flying. If you are flying around the US it’s a much better experience. There are usable planes to rent in alot of places and lots of jobs. I’m from the UK and trying to do UK jobs in fse is nigh on impossible when you are trying to rent. Also you can only use a few msfs planes in it. It’s very clunky and if you forget to click start flight it will not register at all.

On-Air is not free, but has a 7 day trial. If you buy a long subscription it works out at around 3 euros amonth. For perspective that is less than a single large coffee at Costa / Starbucks. The UK experience is far, far better than FSE and I’ve had no problem finding jobs and routes around the UK and western europe. You are given a C172 for completing the tutorial, although you can rent if you want too. From what I can see, every stock aircraft in MSFS is available to rent or buy. If you forget to click start tracking it will automatically start when you start your flight, although with a small xp penalty.

On-Air wins out for me for now. I’m looking forward to seeing how competition due to a massive spike FS players raises everyone’s game in the VA world.

EDIT: PS, look out for O.N.G FBOs for your Southern England fuel requirements. Currently building our first at Farnborough (EGLF) :slight_smile: