One way to solve stutters get a new CPU

Had major problems with single digit stutters with my i5 6600k not even in big cities just flying the local area in the 172. Built a new computer with a i7 10700k, 1TB M.2 drive and reused my 1060. I flew the same route I have flown dozens of times before where I know exactly where the stutters will happen.
Monitoring the CPU with the new machine those areas would pin the 6600 at 100% for seconds at a time and then there were the shorter term quick stutters at random
With the new machine totally smooth, I can see the areas that used to be a problem cause they pop the new CPU up to 40%-50% and it just flys through it, no stutters.
I’m only running 1080 and the GPU is pegged but able to keep up pretty well.
This code is really crying for CPU optimization.


Same here with 6700k. According to the latest news, they have greatly improved this issue. It wil be in the next patch. Great news!


This thread made me laugh (not in a bad way) i thought it was going to be some sort of optimisation thread but its like “Fix stutters, by a new gen i7!”

The CPU issue is kinda weird. The game uses all my cores/threads evenly but others have serious thread bias.

Per your suggestion I changed the title. I ended up getting so tired of trying to squeeze enough performance out of my old processor it was time to move on. I tried all sorts of the suggestions posted here, which may help some under some circumstances, but no real/radical change on my system.
Hope they are able to better optimize the code so everyone’s machines run better.

No, that is not a solution. I have massive stutters with a Core i7 9700K OC in all cores to 4.8 GHz - temperatures bellow 70 C. At FL330 running at 60 FPS it often loads all my CPU cores to 100%, FPS are dragged bellow 24 FPS.


And I thought X-Plane before Vulkan was bad…


I am certain my system is heavily restricted due to my cpu. I have a i5 9400 32 gb ram, and had a GTX 1060. Frame rate was also pants. So I recently got a rtx 2060 super. Was excited to see the massive improvement to only be very disappointed. Frame rate was still less than 30. Using the developer mode I could see the fps was wholly limited by the mainthread. Which I understand is due to the cpu causing the bottleneck. (correct me if I am wrong). I have used lasso and turned off as much features as I can that may be using the cpu, like traffic on the ground and sky. But I see little improvement. Fps always restricted by mainthread. So I have done my research and for my 1151 socket I am considering the i7 9700k. Do you think it will help or will I be wasting my money?

One other question to add. Does the number of threads ace make a difference. I’ve researched the i7 9700k VS i9 9900k. Performance seems identical except the i9 has twice number of threads and is £100 more expensive. Will those extra threads make a real difference in this simulator, is the extra money worth it?

Sorry probably difficult question to answer.

Whilst the i7 and i9 you plan are socket 1151 they are the k variant and as such require a Z series chipset on the motherboard to enable the overclocking, just to make you aware as your post doesn’t describe the mobo.
Also I’m waiting on msfs in game patches to see if it’s something they can address before updating my CPU/Mobo from 6700k to 10700k

To be fair i think a lot of the freezes may be down to HD access. I personally use a NVMe drive, and I only use Windows Defender as a virus checker, and have whitelisted the MSFS directories, and get pretty good performance. I have a R7 1800x, GTX 1080, runnign in 4k. yes the frame rates are not the highest, but for a flight sim, very much usable, even when with the screen recorder is on.

Whilst i woudl not normally suggest to whitelist any directory from Windows Defender, unless you REALLY know what you are doing, and are aware of the risks, it certainly may help. These are tricks i have done as a Java developer, i have had to whitelist my IDE, and workplace files, as the sheer number of JAR files (really just zips) that are loaded can make the Anti Virus really have a field day on the perfromance.

EDIT: WARNING: Let me be clear, turning off antivirus even partially on certain folder is not something I would reccomend, and please dont do it unless you REALLY know what you are doing, and aware of risks! Remember even community items MAY contain malicious code!

Sorry I should have said, my board is z390 chipset.

You didn’t say what plane you are flying but I’m guessing one of the airliners. Haven’t even tried to fly any of those yet but from what’s on the forum the seem to be a sinkhole for performance. For now I’m very pleased at what I’m getting, might even be ready for one of the mid-range 3000 series cards when they are available.

Yes your guess is correct. It is the airliners. The cockpits kill it. I’m far from a technical expert. But most web advice say games don’t use anymore than a few threads which is why the 9700k is excellent value for money over the 9900k even though it has twice the threads. But let’s face it. Msfs is not a normal game. I wonder if that thread count would actually make a difference.

Regardless, I haven’t tried the airliners much as they are not what I am looking for now in MSFS (at least not while the proper ones start to arrive with 3rd party developers).
I fly the Cub/C152 most of the time and the stutters are constant.

HOWEVER, now I am trying the process lasso trick and it seems to be working. Got 100% CPU load and FPS remained at 55~60.

I am not sure to whom the MOBO specs were for, but just in case, here is my set-up. The config is a custom between Ultra, High and off for things that I do not care about.

MB: Gigabyte Aoruz Z390 Pro
CPU: Core i7 9700K @4.8 GHz
RAM: 32 GB Corsair Vengeance LPX @3200 MHz
GPU: EVGA RTX 2080 Super XC Ultra
PSU: Corsair TM650 80+ Bronze
Storage: Samsung 970 evo + Samsung Evo 850 500 GB + Seagate Barracuda 2TB + Sabrent M.2 1 TB
Cooler: Corsair H100i V2 + 4 intakes and 3 exhaust
Case: Phanteks P400
Joystick: Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog + TFRP Rudder

Took a look at the 10700 cores and in MSFS they are all cranking. There are 8 real cores and 8 virtual, don’t have any idea what the ‘virtual’ cores mean.

That’ll handle the upgrade to the k variants

I’ve read on the msfs forum that the airliners screens run at a high refresh rate and that could be a reason for the poor performance.

fyi I’m running a i7-6700k o/c to 4.7, RTX 2080, 32GB RAM and a 20Mbs download speed and get a solid 60fps with GA aircraft and half that with the A320 and B747

What seems to cause the stuttering for me is AI and multiplayer.

I just found this site.

regarding process lasso, which I already use but this advised also disabling “windows dynamic thread priority boosts enabled”.
Thought I would try it and it made a huge difference to the load on the cpu. It has gone from a constant 100% load all the time, which made the cpu very hot, to now 50% load. Has significantly reduced stutter. Also my frame rate in the cockpit of the 747 has gone up slightly to a usable 30 fps. Cpu is also much cooler.
I have no idea technically what that change actually does, buts seems to have helped.