Online Functionality / Bing World Graphic Data grey out and not available


First i have the MSFS Premium Deluxe Version as download from MS Store.

Older new installations used to run via the MS Store.
But now it says “Install from the XboxApp” in the MS Store for MSFS.
The MSFS is now installed from the Xbox app.

i have a new install of the MSFS and problems under data in menu.

This two are grey out and not available to change.
It shows ON , but this are grey out.

I have Mulitplayer set to OFF and ON , have Login OUT / ON in the game , have set a another server and back to Automatic Europe Westen , but nothing change the problem.

The game shows under my name Online , but i have no idea more , why are the ONLINE FUNCTIONALTY + BING WORLD GRAPHIC DATA are not not available to change.
I have under sttings to fly , Live Weather and Live Traffic , its the self situation in the data menu.
Another try , i have deinstall XboxApp , Xbox Live and Xbox Console Companion and have all new install under MS Store.
I have deinstall the last WIN 10 64bit update ( KB 5014699 ) , but no changes.

Please help me or have idea what is wrong ,why are this settings grey out.

Best regards

Same problem here. Any help`?

You didn’t uninstall the fs-base-cgl package did you, because this will happen as a result.


" You didn’t uninstall the fs-base-cgl package did you, because this will happen as a result. "

What do you mean by that.

I have a new installation of MSFS 2020 Premium Deluxe, in the content manager only the content for the Premium Deluxe version is currently installed.

No World Updates or Marketplace Addons are installed…

Does it also look like that under Data that the first two entries are gray, but ON.

Here are a picture from my data , but the game is in germany settings.

It shows the ONLINE FUNCTIONALTY + BING WORLD GRAPHIC DATA are not not available to change.

No way help , Muliplayer Off/ON , restart Login , nothing.

Hope for help.

Best Regards

If you don’t know what I mean by that, then chances are you didn’t delete the fs-base-cgl package in the content manager, and your issue is likely caused by a different reason.

Yes, looks like exactly as your problem.
Now i search in the content manager for "fs-base-cgl " and it was mississing…

So i download it - 58GB - please hold the line… :wink:

I`'m also german…

OK, to download fs-base-cgl fixed the problem for me… Thanks!

Thank you all , i had this not install from content manager.
Good News.

Best Regards

Hello, I have the same problem and I don’t see that content when I look for it. Can someone help me?

Got the same problem here on XCloud. Anyone still getting this issue after 40th AE/SU11 update? It was functioning prior.

I"m having similar issue as above for xbox series x where the Bing Data World graphics are greyed out. Anyone have any suggestions? thanks!

I currently have this issue any idea how to fix?

Unfortunately I have not seen any comments or suggestions on how to resolve this issue on the Xbox Series X. Are you running on Xbox as well? I recall something asking about resolution and internet connectivity when I was installing the flight sim. I’m thinking of re-installing, but was hoping to avoid that.

I have reinstalled the sim several times. Still unable to toggle the top two.

I also have this problem on xbox series x. “Online functionality & bing data world graphics” greyed out.
Hope someone can help resolve.

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Did you ever get an answer or resolve the issue as I am having that problem now?

Take a look at this:

Thx, but no go for me. Both still greyed out. My quest continues.

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Likewise. I just uninstalled “world - offline mode” & reinstalled same. Still have greyed out options.
Have discovered that my profile has greyed out sections.
By this i mean - start msfs and click on profile in top right of screen. Will show " STATUS" “SERVERS” & “SIGN OUT”.
status and servers are both greyed out and status shows “offline”. Help …