Online Services Unreachable Popup Won't Go Away

So I get MSFS servers have gone down worldwide and that’s fun and all, but the popup in-sim literally won’t go away and keeps popping up every 3-5 seconds no matter how many times I press the X.

How are you supposed to simply fly offline if the giant red popup keeps attacking your eyes while daring you to scream at it? Anyone else think this whole thing is simply one big psychological experiment to see how much people can take before they break? because no UI developer would actually design it this way if they had a user’s sanity in mind… :scream:

Turn off all Live and Online Options in Data and restart your flight. That would include things like Photogrammetry, Bing Maps streaming, Live Weather, Live Traffic, Multiplayer.


thank you…

If I turn all off I will lost all online functionality…

What’s happen? Servers are down?

Yes, check the news section:
Servers Down - Community / News and Announcements - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

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Facebook effect :joy:

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