Open Filters - Navigation Default

Is there a way or option to have the three Navigation options under “Open Filters” to default to “ON” instead of OFF?
Personally I always want to see the Airspaces, Navaids, and Fixes.

I’m not sure, but this may be what you are looking for.
Turn it on.

I believe that’s for in-game while flying.

I haven’t found a way to keep them on in the planning map, but I would like that too.

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Not saving the state of the filters is pretty bad design.

That is not the solution that you have referenced.

The problem occurs in the World Map - the three navigation filters when turned ON should stay on.

Yes, sorry, I saw that from the above posts.
There is a way, but you need to modify an xml file.
Here is a link to a thread on the subject.

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Excellent! That worked. I turned on NAVAID and RNAV_FIX and that works. :+1:

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Bear in mind, everytime the sim updates, it will probably overwrite this, so you may have to do it again unitl they finally fix it,

Thanks for that link.
Now hopefully Asobo/MSFS will make it so when you set it to ON (or OFF) it saves that in the XML file.


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