OpenXR Toolkit (upscaling, world scale, hand tracking...) - Release thread

What % FSR scaling are you using to get 45fps? And what scaling in OXR anf in game (TAA)?

Which driver did you upgrade from? Are uou actually seeing higher FPS or just smoother feel?

Tested it today many times. No changes. In fact the judders got worse. When I tried to raise the resolution up, the sim crashed! Nothing but nothing I have researched, read or viewed over the course of the past year has made any difference whatsoever with my 3080 and G2 with these darn judders :cry:

Have you tried turning Hyper-Threading off? That seems like the biggest single contributor to stuttering.

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Yes, many times. Its off.
There seems to be no settings or combinations that I haven’t tried, more than once in the course of a year. I give up on the G2!
I’m about to fly in my Quest 2, which is always a very smooth experience, especially in big cities (but not as clear). Thanks for all your suggestions and help!

I’ve been wondering about their servers as an issue for a while, but it’s very hard to prove. On Sunday I flew vr in NY with several heavy load add-ons and I was getting a jerk fest. Yesterday I flew exactly the same NY load, but buttery smooth! Sunday is likely very heavy on servers and Tuesdays likely one of the lightest.
I have i7 9700k with 2070S , Odyssey +, internet 300MPS
I have followed @Grabber523 Stutters on final, lower end systems - #18 by Grabber523 and this thread for set up and settings on Ultra maxing out GPU as per his recommendations.
So, question is, how do we determine if it is a sever issue and stop chasing our tails?

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Please please, people, stay on topic. Non-OpenXR toolkit issues/comment → other or new thread.

I cannot keep up with actual OpenXR toolkit related messages.


Noticed what looks like color banding on clouds flying at night. Verified by disabling and going in/out of vr mode.

FSR scale 100% sharp %20
SteamVR - Index HMD

everything runs just fine with a Reverb G2 and NSR.
Now I am trying to set up the UItraLeap.

  • The Ultraleap is connected and running idle according to the Ultraleap controller window.
  • In OpenXR Toolkit however there is no option to activate handcontrolling
    How come?
    What can I do that OpenXR recognises the presenced of the conected Ultraleap controller?

There are a couple of things you need to do.
1 download leap.

Download the API.

  1. It is called " "

Run the configurator in windows and turn on experiment stuff.

Disable motion reprojection in the open xr.

Now when you do the control-F2 in the hmd you should see 2 handtracking options…

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Is there a config file where tool settings are kept or registry?
Sometimes with a CTD the settings change and I would like to repair/reset before starting MSFS

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I can’t make up my mind whether oxr130, TAA100 and FSR 75 gives me more or less shimmers than 100/100/82. What do you all think? Do you go oxr100/TAA100 always, or play around with those?

there is, but if you can’t find it, then don’t touch it

This tools is a must have for MSFS and I can’t thank the Devs enough for getting it out for the community to use. It’s very disappointing that MS didn’t bother with these VR features in either MSFS or MRP. I’m just very glad we got them now.

I’m using a G2 driven by an EVGA 3080 ti FTW3 and both OCed 10700k and 32GB DDR4. Using FSR 90% at 80% scaling, 85% world scaling. My MSFS and OpenXR scale settings are at 100%. I get a nearly consistent 40 fps everywhere, with excellent visuals and smoothness (at least considering the limitations 40 fps). AFAIK there is no need, nor advantage, to use non 100% scale settings outside of this tool. I imagine that doing so is placing additional execution overhead on either MSFS or OpenXR or both. Any thoughts on this?


This is intentional. If something causes a crash shortly after changing settings, we adopt a principle of precaution as we don’t want to store settings that might be causing the crash (and you end in a CTD loop).

This behavior is here to protect the users.

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I really want to thank the devs for this nice tool. I am using it to reduce the slight shake I have in my G2, even when my heart beats. I also like the FPS counter.

Unfortunately on My G2, RTX 3080, my previous posts from the earlier NIS scaler versions still hold true. Having an in game TAA scale set to say 80% and NIS/FSR off, I get 37fps on one particular area I use to test frame rates (the start of the NYC activity). With TAA set to 100% and NIS or FSR on and set to around 80, I also get 37/38fps, but the quality is most definitely not as good as TAA. I have tried varying sharpening levels for both NIS and FSR. I can see the in cockpit text looks much better without NIS/FSR. I think if it was the other way around and we all had NIS/FSR for many months, I think many people would be amazed if TAA was then introduced.

I really urge people to really compare the two, to see at the same quality level, is NIS/FSR really better for you. I would really bet that it isn’t. I would also bet if you are happy to have slightly less quality and higher performance, that reducing TAA would also give you that same result, without the shimmering NIS/FSR undoubtedly brings due to the nature of how it works and how its limited in a way that TAA isn’t. My key take away is for my own self anyways is that TAA set to the desired level to reach the performance you want, with NIS/FSR off, will give a better image, due to how TAA works.

I’m very excited by some of the upcoming features of the tool though, so keep up the good work.


Don’t mind me asking, what setting are you using to rid of shaking. I have a litttle shaking I would like to shake. Thanks much…

I have set 74% FSR, 100% OXR and 100% TAA . Motion reprojection off.

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I’m using -20% to start with, I might go further. I’m going by some of the figures quoted in the toolkit docs that -20 to -40 are a good starting point.

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Hi, I only changed the prediction dampening to -40 after some experimentation, which solved the problem of shaking in my case; I left everything else at the default value as I already had a sharp immage.

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