Stutters on final, lower end systems

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Grabber523 I have a couple of questions please as I’d like to try your methods - when you are talking about the “yellow bar” in the Dev Mode FPS counter I’m assuming you mean green as mine shows either green or red? [/quote]

-If you re-read my previous posts carefully, I refer to the one labeled MAIN THREAD. All of the bars go from green to yellow to red based on how “slow” each measured metric is.

-All of those colored bars show render latency. The one you are concerned with, as per my previous posts, is the MAIN THREAD. That shows CPU load, and is tied to LODs. If it is red, you need to reduce LODs.

-Yes. You increase your sliders (EXCEPT LODs) until your GPU render latency is as high as you can get it, but JUST UNDER 32ms. You may need to increase render scaling if all other sliders are maxed out.

-Again, as stated previously, all of these adjustments must be made on the ground, in a high-density scenery area, like a busy airport that you regularly fly out of. I use KJFK.