OpenXR Toolkit (upscaling, world scale, hand tracking...) - Release thread

Im also experiencing more wobbles than before with MR and a 4090.

I discovered weeks ago that having 45fps MR forced with Open tool kit was barely perfect, if it went down to 30fps there were nooticeable wobbles…so I tuned the system to handle 45FPS all time

But since days ago, I beleave at 45fps there are the same wobbles as 30fps that were before…

Could it be the last Nvidia driver?

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Great news re optical flow, hope you can release something soon.

I also had intense wobbling until I switched the in-sim reprojection off.

Anyone else experienced newest version is causing crash in SU11??
I disabled it and now I can switch to VR without CTD.

AND I am part of beta updates I should mention :slight_smile:

Turbo crashes my 13600k + 3080. Try disabling it

I have seen some people claiming hw acceleration on is now good…

What is the current state of art for oxr toolkit and sim 10?

  • game mode (consensus off)
  • HW acceleration (consensus off)
  • HT on bios (consensus off)


We have SU11 now. :slight_smile:

  • Everybody telling Game Mode OFF. Did not further investigate.
  • HAGS OFF until recently, I guess with modern equipement (Win11 & RTX 40 series) it works nicely, have it ON now without any negative findings. Best to test for yourself, as it is highly dependent on the system.
  • HT OFF give more consistent FPS in the main thread and should be slighty faster. On Intel 12th and 13th gen no issue at all, due to E-Cores doing the rest of the work. In case you have only an old 6-core CPU, maybe HT ON gives better results, as I would be aiming for 8 threads minimum for MSFS,
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HAGS on seems essential to avoid CTDs for me. Haven’t noticed any difference between on or off though.

Haven’t explored HT off yet. Does it really have a significant impact? I’m using a 13900k

Depends what is significant for you. It will improve your sim experience, but slightly slow down video rendering or benchmarks, but nothing to really notice in normal usage.

I have a 5800X3D paired with a 3090ti and if I turn off SMT I get lots of visual and audio stutters.

The biggest change to a smoother experience in VR for me was when I finally tried turning off Hyper Threading. I don’t know why I waited so long! Maybe it was because it sounds like you’re turning off a beneficial feature but after turning it off in the BIOS a few days ago VR is so much more smoother now.
I have an older but still solid i7 8700k coupled with a 3080ti until I can afford a mobo and cpu upgrade.

I have no experience with AMD, I have heard about issues when turning off SMT.

With SMT off, there are only 8 threads left. I had the same with my 9900K with HT off. Now with 13900K and 8 + 16 threads, even with HT off, it is way smoother experience as before, because other processes outside of MSFS get other cores assigned.

Because of that I prefer 13900K (@5.8Ghz All-Core) over 5800X3D.

Sorry for being off topic, this topic should be about OpenXR Toolkit only.

is it simply a matter of disabling HT or do you use that to OC the enabled cores further in order to see a performance increase?

Both, with HT off less heat, thus further OC possible. And only 1 thread per core, so no side effects on any task from other calculations. But let’s return to topic please. :slight_smile:

Yes, with HT off on BiOS I am able to run 13600k super cool on air, mini itx, oc 57 57 56 56 56 56 56. Under 80w and under 80c. Voltage 1,15v. 928 points single core cpu-z. 2247 cinebench. HT off definitely gives room for oc and lower temps.

With a 3080 and the toolkit I have a decent performance in VR with G2. Gpu bottlenecked.

Turbo mode gives me crash. Why? Any way to avoid crash with turbo on? I will try the pcie gen 3 setting.

Mask off is great. Any plans to implementing that on open composite for DCS?

Looking forward to the next toolkit release and additional enhancement with optical flow. THANK YOU MBUCCHIA!

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Does Toolkit benefit low end CPUs or low end GPUs? Or Both?

I tried it a while back and couldn’t see any benefits, but I’m sure I was doing it wrong.

I have a 7700k, 3080ti and Valve Index. If anyone has comparable specs, I’d appreciate a set of numbers to use as a starting point.

FWIW, I value clarity over “most-FPS-ever”



At standard 90 hz, MR is 22.5/30/45

Huge difference from 30 to 45…

Have you tried 75hz? Now i would assume 18.75/25/37.5

Getting 45 is not easy for many, but 37.5 is more feasible.



I think you’re just CPU-limited as your GPU is much better than your CPU. AFAIK OXRTK mostly benefits GPU, reducing the number of pixels to render with FFR (foveated rendering) and FSR upscaling.

RTX3070, Ryzen 7 3700X, 16 GB Ram

**OXR for WMR** 
Custom render scale 100%
Motion reprojection disabled
DLSS quality, 
most options high
**OXR Tool**
FSR 100%
Sharpess 25%

Watch in full hd



I am on latest oxr toolkit version but i dont see FFR as an option in performance tab. I do see it in dcs open composite through.

Any suggestions? Is FFR hidden by default 1.2.2?