OpenXR Toolkit (upscaling, world scale, hand tracking...) - Release thread

Yes, BUT (!!!) - there’s been an exciting new development with Virtual Desktop software: it now relays Quest 3 hand-tracking data back to PC, emulating VR controllers. I tested it very briefly in MSFS, and it does work! Basically, it’s very similar to what the toolkit was doing, only it works better and more reliably.

The downside, of course, is that it only works as well as the VR controllers work in MSFS, which as we all know are far from perfect. I.E. it’s possible to grab and rotate a course or radio knob, but the precision is poor - but so it is with VR controller. That’s why I built physical dual encoder box for my motion VR cockpit setup. One other issue is that when I tested there were no gestures for A/B/X/Y buttons, so it wasn’t possible to switch between laser and direct modes in MSFS. But they were working on that. Also, any hand-tracking is less precise than physical controllers, so it’s a bit more wonky, but the convenience and immersion may be worth it. It needs more testing, once laser/direct switch is possible.

Update: Matt informed me that in the latest VD beta the gestures are updated: “tap left hand palm is Y, tap right hand palm is B”. So laser/direct mode switch should now be possible. From what I remember when I tested - menu gesture (palm towards your face + pinch) works for the MSFS menu, pinch works for the trigger and grab is a grab. Oculus menu gesture (palm towards your face + pinch) works as usual, and from the recent firmware v62 long pinch does view reset.


Not mature, yes, but it was working and the wiki was full of valuable informations… Now it’s all gone, but there is still hand tracking informations here and there as well as links that lead to a 404. Why not just leave it alone and just add a warning that it’s now deprecated…

Thanks @RomanDesign for this update, this could be the way to go from now on. I thought about physical buttons but the setup is never the same if you don’t fly the same plane over and over, and it takes time to build and physical space. VR buttons with hand tracking is definitely something that could (and should) be worked on more in depth.
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I did that for about a year and a half, and people still came and bug me about it and consistently complained that I wouldn’t give them support. Also, most people do not read.

Anyway, wayback machine is your friend


I’ve asked this question a while ago but didn’t get an answer so thought I’d try again.

In open XR (purple one) if you want to increase the resolution you slide the scale upwards, currently I’m set at 150%. But as far as I can tell you can also increase the resolution using the XR toolkit, currently I’ve got this set at 4600x4???.

My question is does one setting affect the other or does one override the other. Can you leave the XR tools set at 100% but still increase the resolution via the toolkit or do you have to set them both the same? If there is a mismatch does it decrease the performance.


Yes you can. I do this and set OpenXR Tools to 110% for X-plane (and everything else) and have OXRTK at 4500x4500 for MSFS and it works as expected for each app.

Quote from the excellent OXRT manual:

System tab:

Override resolution: Enable overriding the OpenXR target resolution (same as what the “custom render scale” in OpenXR Tools for WMR does).

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OXRTK overrides whatever resolution is set, so it will be exactly that and there is no interaction with OXR Purple Tools.

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