[OPINIONS] Simulación Extrema / SCNT in particular

Hi everyone,

I noticed Simulación Extrema released a scenery + airport package including what looks like some decent editing of the Torres del Paine National park (default MSFS is particularly bad).

SCNT Airport Tte. Julio Gallardo and Torres del Paine National Park in Chilean Patagonia
Video here: Torres del Paine y Aeropuerto Julio Gallardo SCNT para MSFS2020 - YouTube

Since I don’t have previous experience with this developer I was wondering what’s the general opinion among fellow simmers. It would be even better if someone here already got the package and can offer his/her views.

Thanks in advance and happy flying!

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Their earlier airports were so-so (gotta start somewhere), but they have been consistently improving with the new ones. I don’t have SCNT yet but anything made this year that I’ve seen is good enough for me. I especially like their Yakushima.

The only big improvement they need is to consistently use custom jetways, but they make a lot of airports that no one else does in really beautiful locations, which is a big plus for me.


Thanks for stopping by @Abriael.

There’s a sale going on at Simmarket, so I picked up their SAWC today.
It’s in the same area - a short flight north of SCNT - and it looked like another interesting gateway to Patagonia.
Didn’t grab SCNT because DD’s Tokyo Narita is on sale for the same price and that one I definitely wanted :slight_smile:

In general SAWC is an OK airport and I found it worth its sale price. At that price absolutely no complaints because it’s reasonably well done and it’s clear the developer took care to actually represent the airport. It also has potential to improve, but in all honesty the ‘worst’ part of the product are probably the ground markings (the red ones are painful to look at and, in all fairness, they look default).

Personally, I think the sale price is more in line with the general quality of the airport: the product is absolutely not a bad product, but in the 12-16 euro arena there’s a fierce fight going on and there are much stronger contenders - especially for airports this size.

Long story short, I learned this developer is ok and I will be purchasing more of his airports when the price is right.


Hi guys, Thank you very much for your opinion on my developments, clearly there is an evolution in all this and I am very happy with it and the idea is to be able to deliver quality airports in the future and improve the existing ones when necessary. A big hug to everyone and thanks for your support.

Simulacion Extrema


Keep up the good work and thanks for taking care of those airports: the more I fly over South America, the more I’m impressed by the sheer beauty of it.

I’ll be following your work and sincerely wish you all the best, stay safe!


Just in case somebody else is looking for information about SCNT by Simulación Extrema…

It’s been a few months since I started this thread, in the meantime there have been a number of sales and I managed to buy a good number of their airports including Puerto Natales - quite happy with all my purchases.

If you like to fly GA and are planning a tour of South America, SCNT with the included terraforming of the Torres del Paine National Park is a product I can really recommend: it’s much much better than the non-descript default scenery and it will literally give you a new experience… and make abundantly clear how much we need a high-res mesh for South America.

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Is the Yakushima airport available for Xbox at all?


Hello .

Thank you for the review. A Big hug.

Simulacion Extrema


in few time i make a update to Yakushima for PC a Xbox.


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I bought your Easter Island and Julio Galliento and am very satisfied with the hand crafted modeling. Please keep up your good work!

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Thank you, best regards