Opinions that matter?

Yeah, some actually expected the sim to come with study level aircraft. Like, we have multiple companies making them right now, that spend many years doing it and charge huge sums of money (development is expensive) and they expected all the aircraft in the base sim to match that. My mind boggles.

The thing is that even delaying it would make little difference because a lot of bugs are only found when it is released in the wild with all those different machine combinations, and usage loads. Not to mention people that do common “tweaks” that cause many issues sim pilots often complain about. I wish publishers would not publish such ■■■■.

A lot of arm-chair devs like to think they know better “i know about development, I played games and did some betas for years!”. As a programmer, I say “lol”. Like a lot of arm-chair pilots trying to tell real pilots they are wrong. It is kind of weird and I’ll never get used to it. It reminds me of a taxi driver I had once that was telling me he was a professional driver at the same time as he had trouble staying in his lane. Time alone does not equate to knowledge or skills. It takes proper study and effort too.

I’m a glass half-full kind of guy. There are clearly “if the glass isn’t full it is empty” kind of people around though I do need to remind myself sometimes that they are a small minority. Most unhappiness people express about issues here is understandable, it is only a small number of posts that are hyperbolic.


It definitely simulates the IRL flying I do. And I think you’re confusing your subjective interpretation of “flight simulator” for an objective definition. Please carry on advocating for the features you wan to see, but you don’t have to knock all of us scrub VFR screenshot takers and graphics gawkers. Your ideals aren’t any better than theirs.


You say its unwise to mention the love of screenshots, but I believe that many are going to be regretful that they fell for screenshots over realism. Realism will either win or this project will eventually fail - nothing to do with $ profit.

One thing DOES exclude the other in this case. The response to the post below further shows a grave error by many here.

You see, we could have a very realistic simulator, and with that simulator, even more beautiful screenshots can be taken. But to be able to take screenshots and NOT have seasons or live weather, AP, ATC, IFR ect. the realism HAS been excluded.

MSFS was developed around the hobby of screenshot taking. If aviation realism was the focus the weather would work, the PROC would work, countless thousands of airports would not be missing, ect. ect.

The feedback snapshots have been there for MONTHS with seasons, ATC, & AI at the TOP of the list and yet all of them are totally flawed or missing still. But all the while week after week TONS of screenshots are posted along side the feedback snapshots.

What ends up important?.. Screenshots.

I personally enjoy a well taken screenshot too, but this is called a flight simulator.

At release (8/18) the snapshots ended but the screenshots continued, now 2-3 weeks after release, the snapshots are forced to be brought back, very interesting. But will it do any good? Well for screenshots it most defiantly will. For cirrus/stratus clouds, seasons, ATC, IFR, co-pilot functionality, and on and on and on - I have to see it to believe it.

So many are talking about MSFS as though it is still in ALPHA (as though we should be expecting such massive blunders!!!). However, making excuses for such obvious blunders and omissions in a released product is a most terrible and foolish error. VR/Track IR fans did not allow the MSFS team to let their favored features be swept by the wayside. Track IR was added VERY quickly (before release!!!). But continual excuses for the rest goes on and on, and the wait for seasons, basic AP functions, airports, ect. ect. will continue for years. And watch and see, you will likely have to pay extra for them…all because most keep making excuses for MSFS, instead of acting like VR fans who DEMANDED VR and will likely get it faster than I will get MPTO AIRPORT!!

Track IR functionality comes before major international airports in a flight sim - that is…well there are no polite words at all.

I’m actually surprised that the avatars in the planes aren’t (sitting in the back seats) holding cameras.


It is only natural to have conflicting opinions considering the current state of MSFS…“Glass half full/glass half empty…optimistic/pessimistic.” No matter which way one leans, the fact is that we only have half a glass currently with MSFS. All this back and forth is really futile as has been demonstrated by the Alpha/Beta process, it is out of our hands. Only MS/Asobo can provide an answer in regards to whether or not we will get the remaining half of the glass and if MSFS will truly be the next gen giant leap in serious flight simulation which MS/Asobo and the hype has led us to believe.

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Wow, calm down.

I have been trying the sim out now. Note I still run Fs2004 and love it.
In the MSFS2020 II believe to make it more for training, these features should be added

In FS2004 we had Map option.
In here we were able to see all the navaid near an airport and obtain there frequencies. Also we were ablte too drag the aircraft anywhere on the map and start from that point by setting heading, altitude, speed.
This was great feature for practicing approaches quickly.

Also in map we were able to see the flight track we just flew and see how we did say on an ILS. Fantastic feature.

Next Views:
Panning is great, but miss the ability to hit Shift and the arrow keys to quickly look from side to side back and forth .

Next cockpit seating:
We had the keys Shift and Enter to move up the seat and Shift Backspace to move down the seat.
Cntl and Enter moved forwaard the seat and Cntl Backspace move back the seat.

These would be great options to incorporate in future releases.

Next Docable windows.
It is very hard to change radio knobs while you are flying Be good to pop up window so you can do quickly. Especially when instrument flying.

I have been flight sim and real flying for a long time and Flight sim kept me in practice when not in the air.
Hope they can be incorporated in future releases

I think its important to remember the initial interviews with the MSFS development team. Remember how there was an admission of error on their part. We technically know that ASOBO is NOT ACES, and we cannot hold ASOBO directly responsible for the MS Flight blunder.

However there was an acceptance of responsibility anyway because of the Microsoft name and overall management of the product. And because of this, the flight sim community opened it arms WIDE.

These kind of things matter, not futile to recall…big picture stuff, and the reason topics like this will continue. MSFS came to us asking for another chance so-to-speak, we gave and continue to give it that chance - so far it has failed (the glass is about 1/8 full in my estimation).

This is why topics like this are vital - or we will get a 1/1000th of a glass full next time!


Can I just remind everyone to keep things civil and friendly. Of course we can have different opinions and express them


A same guy who created an unhelpful topics again… his message was locked before by another moderator.

“expect what was advertised” can you be more specific?

Imo what was promised was delivered** - of course many aspects are just buggy right now which is completely normal for a 1.0 version of any software.

I rather think that a lot of people imagined way too much and now their brain must adapt to the new situation, that this sim is not going to fullfill every wish they ever had before.

**The only issue where I feel a bit “cheated” is the texture download, which seems to be throttled to a fraction of my internet speed. Hopefully this will get adressed in the near term because it feels wrong.

sorry for my modest english language …
You’re right, a simulator as powerful as FS 2020 can only have bug problems when it is released, the main thing is to be able to fly from point A to Point B without these famous bugs, and it works, well not all the time …
Bad luck yesterday, successful flight, landing in A 320 and under braking, almost to a stop, a small drop on the runway, Crash …
Take the example of a game like Call of Duty WArzone, 3 million players since March, updates every week, what should you understand? the game is fun, that’s the main thing, and the programmers meet the expectations and feedback from the players. MS 2020 is just Brilliant, and even with its current flaws, an incredible Simulator, which gives a real sense of escape … that’s still the main thing for me in this world of crude …

After almost a year of waiting. Missing out on the Alpha tester. I prepurchased the top version because I could see from the build-up, it was going to be a new generation of Flight sims. Sure it took a while to download. But it ran straight away. Seeing the commands to use the sim, was overwhelming. But taking my time and using Google and Youtube to search out help, I eventually got there. Sure there were bugs but this is a huge program and there was bound to be some hiccups along the way. All these things will be sorted out in time, I am sure. While I am waiting I will be taking the tutorial, learning the keys for commands and flying the aircraft and getting used to using the controls within the different aircraft. My biggest enjoyment will be when the Boing 737,777 and 747 jets from PMDG arrive.
There are heaps of addon software for the simulator already. So much to learn, so little time.


I suspect this is happening as well! Despite continuously upgrading my bandwidth (now at 600Mpbs) it still seems downloads are throttled in some areas.

Technically speaking this is version 11 not version 1. In actuality, because of the 14 +/- year hibernation, this should be seen as version 14 possibly version 15.

So now imagine if your “only” issue is never fixed, what then? I and scores of others are not having “performance” problems at all. But even though I don’t have texture download issues, I care that it gets fixed for you, even if you were the ONLY one with the issue. I would care and I do care. You see, I care about the issue you care about, because I want you to have a wonderful experience.

Why can’t anybody else here think/care like this???


It’s about immersion for me as well. I don’t need MSFS to practice IFR procedures or prepare for annual or bi-annual PPL revalidation checks.

I’m quite happy with the state of MSFS as it is as it’s getting me hours upon hours of immersive experiences.

That being said, I would be happy if winds are injected properly (limp wind socks and 225@3 “everywhere”) and some obvious mesh issues in certain areas are corrected.

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even though i’ve played sims before, it’s been quite a while but this very sim community is somewhat, well, let’s say strange as far as i’m concerned.

on the one hand we seem to have those with obvious knowledge, the pro-simmers or even professionals that brag about the game has been rushed to market, is not working, is ugly, will never get finished and called the game even dead on its arrival. there are others that beg to differ but both can’t be right so i’m still confused.

on the other hand there are obviously people like me, i.e. scrubs that are overwhelmed by the sheer amount of knowledge that is needed for doing what is right in this game, is constantly on the hunt for educational videos or exhaustive documentation about things related to navigation or avionics while not even able to compare it to other sims or even real life flying. so ya, i do have to learn a heck of a lot, too - just as INCOMING2222, haha. but learning things can be fun.

furthermore, this game is a beauty and not only for visual aspects to me. i’m having great time flying the GA airplanes, even if it’s just a simple 20 minutes long trip cross-country and every successfull take off or landing while in the middle trying to get to where i wanted to is giving me things other games don’t seem to achieve anymore. close to thrills to be honest.

being a computer scientist this game gets my head clear just because there are so many so different things in respect to my daily doing (it’s just 1’s and 0’s…).

granted: i watched some xp and prep videos on youtube patched with addons to their limits and it seems to be fun, too but even this sim is actually way too complicated for me at the moment - at least if you’re trying to do things right and a vfr flight plan still scares the heck out of me, hahaha.

this game is full of things for me to conquer - even in its current state, so every animal has its own little pleasure and opinion, i guess.


I have an issue myself .

At no point in the sim , does a leggy blonde air-hostess , pour me a drink and give me a " wink and a smile " !!

Therefore , on the basis of this , MSFS is ■■■■ and a total let down !!

( P .s Just an example of " how silly " an OPINION can get :smirk:)

i’m sure at some point someone will create a passenger mod with those beauties on board, hahaha. just wait and see.

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Absolutely! Sometimes I almost wish I could unlearn some things just for the excitement of re-learning them again. Its a great way of unwinding from daily stressors, especially with such a beautiful and immersive program where the whole world is open for exploration.

Even though we have somewhat different complaints, I do care that your issues are fixed. I believe they might, and that this program has great potential. Surely there is a lot to improve before it’s possible to use this as a serious simulator - completely inaccurate weather, lack of airplane system depth and procedures to mention a few.

With some solid in-depth airplanes and 3rd party AIRAC (and a fix to the weather issue) I think we are well on our way.

This made me laugh out loud, even though that might not have been your intention. Some dark humor there underneath the despair?

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Also , I’m wondering , do some of the " pro simmers " , feel under threat from this game ?

ie : " steve down the pub " , being able to complete a five hour flight to the back of beyond .