Option to create weather scripts

An option that allows users to create a weather script.
Ie, preflight create various weather schemes for your departure, cruise and arrival.

This way, the experience during flight will be more challenging and more realistic versus the standard presets in the sim as this new option will transition smoothly as time progresses.

Yeah, I know you can change the weather during flight, but doing it that way is less immersive in my opinion.

Yes , but mentioning something that happens to other too is this …

Meaning you get “STUCK” because it “autosaves” the last weather Preset witou even beeing able to change that later on every time you go back to your Bush Trip Mission…
like this tthat some one else mentiones in his missions / Bush Trips

  • There appears to be some strange behavior with the autosave functionality. If you crash or leave the bush trip to come back to later,
    your ability to edit weather while flying disappears. If this happens, follow these steps.

    -Shut down MSFS
    -Open both CENTRALIDAHOBUSHTRIP_SAVE.flt and CENTRALIDAHOBUSHTRIP_SAVE_0001.flt (or whichever leg was your last completed) from your Activities folder.
    This should be located at C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalState\MISSIONS\ACTIVITIES\CENTRALIDAHOBUSHTRIP_SAVE
    -If you have a folder in that directory called AUTOSAVE, open the CENTRALIDAHOBUSHTRIP_AUTOSAVE.flt file as well.

    • In all of the open .flt files, change the Weather section to ONLY include two items. It should look like this:


its not only about dynamic changing weather its also about a n issue that the last preset gets saved in your mission and you cant change anything after this , you get stuck in this preset or you have to close all , the sim and do big research and overwrite the autosave file… and that even can be called a non fixed bug , that Microsoft should be interested at… and not just close a topic just because people start getting “uneducated” just because they havent read what it is about …
No one wants to “steal” or remove the option of beeing able to change the weather… !
And yes it is a big Issue for people who like flying missions like i do

I kinda begin to see where you are going.
What exactly do you mean by flying missions?

I don’t see any option like that in the menu.

Do you mean by flying missions, planning a route pre-flight via the flightplanner?

Or are u using the skypark for example?

In FSX you could set the weather for different weather stations. For example- EGLL-LPPT, you can pre-set the weather at The destination airport and other points along the flightpath. This will make it so that you wont have to use the weather selector menu to change weather while flying and breaking immersion.


Yeah if they implement something like that will be a huge plus!!

Yes,they need to bring back the WX.File from the previous sims so you can change the weather and save it without changing it mid flight.

There are quite a few posts on this topic. The existing posts show a variety of thoughts and different requirements but for me, I would like simply to have the ability too set custom weather, not only for the point of departure, but maybe en route and certainly for my destination point. I wouldn’t be wanting, personally, to be trying to superimpose customised areas within live weather, only to create weather patterns within the existing customising framework.