Option to show player nameplates only for friends?

I like the nameplate/player name thing for my friends to easily spot them but I don’t want to see all the other random players with a nameplate. Is there a way to only see the names of friends or others who are in the group?


Great suggestion! It can be like a toggle under name plate on/off.

Yeah even a toggle is lacking, it’s all or nothing atm which is not great for the user experience.

I agree…but I also ask to have the possibility to assign a key to on/off name tags during the play.


This is a great suggestion. If combined with a key toggle for name plates, it’d be a great way to orient oneself to others in the group, without having those name plates permanently on (or all over the screen.)

Need that across the board and the option to report Flight and tag names like the idiots with tags today in around Louisiana with the following flight names I’ve seen like:

BeheadInfindels(couldn’t even spell right)



And they were in a group together circling.