Option to using headset direction (gaze) to control mouse pointer in VR

I originally created a similar post in the VR input controls category before realising there’s a wishlist category :blush:

I know a lot has been said already about using the mouse in VR, and there’s already a wishlist item to add support for VR controllers, but I was thinking an interim (and potentially easier) alternative to adding VR controls might be to add an option to control the mouse pointer with gaze tracking.

  • easier, in terms of development effort, and perhaps to cut down on the number of controllers that need to be reached for on a regular basis.

So, in summary, add an option to control the mouse pointer using the VR headset’s direction, and when it’s enabled just track the pointer using the headset. The pointer could only show when the player is looking at a menu or at the controls of the aircraft (and hidden when not). I guess the mouse click would also need to be assigned to a controller button. I wasn’t sure if this is already possible or would also need to be implemented.

Interesting idea that might help in some situations. However, I encounter mostly the opposite situation. There are many times when I wish I could control a knob without looking directly at it: setting AP altitude, adjusting trim, setting RPM, etc.
I like the way X-Plane highlights and “grabs” the knob and lets you manipulate it without having to look directly at it.

I agree that something needs to be done, though. With the current MSFS mouse implementation I spend so much time looking away from my panels to get the mouse on the correct pixel that I’m afraid for my safety :wink:

Yes a Head Pointer or Head “Mouse” would be very much welcome please, bound to a single button and saves the need for having a Mouse & Pad on my lap!

TL;DR: I would love a built-in gaze control option in MFS.

I got used to this when using FlyInside P3D. In P3D’s native VR, I simulated that behaviour with AHK and button assignments on my controller for left-click, right-click, mousewheel up and down, and “center mouse”. I haven’t tried if it’s possible to do that with MFS – currently I use a range of hardware controls for the stuff I can assign to hardware buttons and switches (with FSUIPC) and the mouse for everything else, and I find it rather awkward.