Orbis flying eye hospital - takeoff bug?

Just downloaded this free aircraft to see how it feels and seems I can’t take off from any airport. The yellow fly icon is greyed out.

Uh… What??

You cannot fly this aircraft, you can only tour around it in your hangar.

How odd! Why is it even available as “free”? No description about what you said in the download menu either :thinking::unamused:

Would you have preferred to pay for it? :smile: :wink:


Yes, it is a bug and should be reported in the bug section of this forum.

It is not a bug, it is by design.

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Oh really? lol this topic has made my day. :joy:

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I recommend reading the full description from last July’s blog post, especially this quoted portion:

“Microsoft Flight Simulator users can tour the Flying Eye Hospital in full hospital mode with stunningly authentic detail and learn more about Orbis’s mission to train and inspire local teams to save sight in their communities by accessing the plane free-of-charge through an in-game news link or directly via Microsoft Flight Simulator Marketplace. The plane, however, is not currently available for flight.


Has anyone ever seen the plane spawn at parking spots/gates at airports (i.e. ground aircraft traffic)? Or is that also omitted from its functionality?

Mods, please go ahead and close the topic.


Closed per OP request and solution indicated