Orbx - Alaska Mesh

Orbx just announced 5M mesh for Alaska that’s coming soon. Excited for it as I had a good experience with their NZ mesh.


I’m probably going to hold off for a few reviews first but I really enjoy the Iceland mesh so may pick this up for the bush flights as Alaska is a big and beautiful area

Now, we have to wait for Bing Maps to improve their satellite imagery of AK


There’s no hint when it will be available.

24th Aug apparently

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Bing has such a long way to go in catching up to Google overall, I’ve found literally myself 4 times in different satellite and street view photos over the last decade and a half or so on Google … Bing, never caught me … I’m two meters high and 21 stone, I’m hard to hide :smiley:

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Available for Xbox?

Only when/if Orbx decides to offer it to the Marketplace. Your best bet is to ask on their forum.

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Now that is incredible good news!
OrbX has finally started to make their beloved and well-known ultra high quality scenery so users without high speed internet will finally get PERFECT offline quality scenery permanently stored on the harddisk?

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erm I don’t think that is what Orbx are doing and they’ve certainly not mentioned that from what I’ve seen.

The package mentioned in this thread is a height map or mesh which will correct the terrain relief and is not altering the textures.

Orbx have done, for the Central UK a POI pack. That adds dozens of hand crafted POIs but again does not change the terrain textures, or replace the autogen or the photogrammetry.

So I seriously doubt that you will get perfect offline quality scenery.

Turn your data off now, launch the sim and look at what you see then imagine about half a dozen hand crafted buildings in your line of view and maybe the correct terrain height…that’s what you’ll get.

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Honestly, I don’t see enough difference to spend the cash.


Haven’t been flying too much in Alaska lately. When I did the Alaska bush trip, part of WU2, the mesh seemed good enough. An update to the ground textures would be more interesting IMHO.

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Unless, MS/Bing is able to update ground textures through better satellite imaging, Orbx’s work won’t shine.

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I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t expecting a little more from this package than what I’ve seen. In a lot of cases, I struggle to see any difference at all. There are areas though where it does make a lot of improvements (I’ve only explored maybe %3 of AK with the mesh enabled so far) . Here’s a couple with(left)/without(right) screenshots from the Merrill Pass area. Sorry, I’m not as talented with before/after shots as the post above!


Just installed the Alaska mesh and appear to have grass showing through the sealed runway and no terminal building next to the jetbridges at Juneau.

I feel like I might be missing an Orbx objects library or something? The Alaska mesh product was purchased and installed through Orbx Central. Any ideas why this may be?

Do you have a other addon installed for Juneau Airport (PAJN)? The orbx mesh comes with it’s own addition of the airport and may interfer with it.

There’s no mention of this in the documentation. Is there something in the files that indicates the airport is included? Just curious… If there’s a PAJN actually included, it might be worth the price.

Edit: Found the answer in the Orbx forum. I might just have to pick this up for that alone.

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Yeah, I learned it was included from the forum as well. Don’t know why they don’ make it more public. :man_shrugging: But the airport is just a portover from their FSX/P3D version. Nothing to write home about. Certainly not the love juneau deserves :wink: