Great scenery addon with excellent night lightings.

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Right before World Update featuring Paris, France among other countries? Thank you, but no, thank you

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I thought the same about their London pack and last World Update featuring UK…

Well, let´s hope that MS/Asobo manage to get Paris a better update than they did for London, else Orbx might acutally still have a market…At least I know people who prefer ORBX handcrafted buildings over the melted , low-res PG ones…

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The original post is a little misleading. It makes it seem like this was just released. In fact, ORBX released this near the end of December, before, I believe, anyone knew BENELUX was going to be the next world update after the UK.

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LOL - seriously – why would anyone buy landmarks in France with an update coming?

ORBEX release date was Jan 23, 2021. As ORBEX is now partner with ASOBO, the forthcoming France update might take it into consideration and not derange or conflict with such a great addon with an excellent performance and frame rates. If conflicts happens, then possibly ORBEX might update the product.
I do not think I took an expensive venture for only £8.36 and for many enjoyable hours of flying over Paris by day and by night.

Life is too short . Enjoy things while you still can.

With Best wishes

ORBEX confirmed my previous last reply as it did update its Landmarks-London-City Pack and made it configurable to be compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator UK World Update installed.
And here is the result of this great update for free to previous purchasers like me.

Because PG and landmarks are the best combo. PG alone looks super melted and the night lighting is terrible so having tons of handmade key buildings looks way better than PG and possibly even performs better. Note that some companies release landmark packs for cities that already have PG (e.g., Dzewiecki Design’s Seatle).