Overlap between France VFR Obstacles + France VFR North West packs

Does anyone own both of these scenery add-ons and can shed light on how much crossover or redundancy there is between the two?

Seems like the details (away from the “28 airports”) are covered similar in both packs. I see it says they are compatible but what does one have that the other does not (apart from the airports in north west of course).

The whole country pack is only 71mb. The north west one is around 2.3gb download and 3.3gb installed (strangely Just Flight list same product as a 1.6gb download!) but from description I can’t tell really if both are required or how they work together.

  1. https://orbxdirect.com/product/francevfr-landmarks-msfs

  2. France VFR Nord-Ouest - Microsoft Flight Simulator - Orbx

Both are working fine together.
Landmarks provides landmarks all over France.
VFR Nord Ouest provides 28 airports (of the North West region of France) with lot of details for airport platforms and area close to airports (including local landmarks)

Thank you for the reply. Sounds good and I’ll probably get both. Going to wait a bit and see if they ever come on sale, as both together is the price of the whole game again! :slight_smile:

I have both airport packs and their VFR landmarks pack and all are designed to work together.

They really do bring France alive, I’ve been very impressed. They’re very approachable if you have questions.

Thank you for your input @Wivenswold - must say I’m very tempted. Will use my next pay check for it even if no sale by then!

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I have France VFR Obstacles. Very good if you fly over France… but no follow-up for 1 year.
Some duplication, no Xbox (and so, no Xcloud) compatibility, bug/conflict for cities in photogrammetry (Lille, Strasbourg…)

I think the VFR Obstacles pack is obsolete since the “WU”, “We love VFR 1” and “powerlines and solar farms” came out. Pretty expensive too.

The NW France pack adds a lot of boats and other stuff making the coast look more alive and the airports are pretty nice too. That IMHO is worth considering


I have to admit love for the “We Love VFR” pack too.

If you have Add-on Linker you can switch to the other if you’re outside of France. I think the paid one includes more unique points of interest and bridge but I really don’t want to take anything away from the brilliant work by Puffin Flight.


Bought the France NW pack yesterday. Very good what I seen so far but had to turn down my Terrain LOD a notch or 2 to avoid stutters (still stutters a bit though :frowning: )

There has been a small update for some cathedral in doublon, but globaly, yes, obstacles is obsolete with no update since 1 year despite bugs. Even no update for compatibility with the xbox :-/


I have this item but it s no good.

color is not very good (and contrast), a lot of double.

when you ask the editor, it always msfs fault!! for me it don t work and it s very expensive… lost of money.

since the release of We-Love-VFR and the France World Update the France VFR package is obsolete IMHO. Too expensive anyway

Hi Baracus,

Just came across this VFR package and I am too very tempted to pull the trigger on this one.
I am a bit scary though in terms of performance.

What is your experience performance wise?
Any regression?

Cheers Mark

Hey! Which package do you mean though? I have both the FranceVFR north west and south east now and no noticeable performance hit. I have a pretty beefy PC though :wink:

I didn’t get the landmarks pack yet.

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I am thinking to try out this south east region first.

I have a 5900X paired with a RX6800XT (16gb vram)

I read about your occasional stutters, but that was a year and a half ago. Are these still there?
What LOD setting are you on?

I am running at 200 for the terrain.

And I have set my render scale at 100.

No, that was on my old handheld PC. Got a proper desktop now and no issues. Running 150 for both LODs (it’s enough for me. Diminishing returns above that and I prefer to have one setting that can handle everywhere including New York / Venice). Using DLSS Quality and FG.

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Awesome! Thanks for the insight. I think I’m good.

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Question on the France VFR packs is it possible to pick and choose which airports are installed as it duplicates some of the ones i have and id rather keep the ones I’ve got.

I can’t check now but I think it’s not possible.

You have to rename the corresponding cvx_oaci.bgl file and the oaci airport won’t be active anymore