Owners of GeForce 600/700/900 series cards, please chime in

it’s not a crash to desktop…

Same problem here. using GTX950M.
Game is unplayable now :frowning:


GTX 980 ti
No problem on TAA.

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No, the issue is not caused by antialiasing. Not using it and have terrible flicker.

I was replying to the user who was reporting the distorted sky colours.

Ah, sorry.

Using a Quadro K4000 btw. and as mentioned get the cloud flicker.
The Quadro K4000 also is a Kepler architecture based card.

Thanks for bringing this topic up on the forums.
It is sad that Asobo is pulling the plug on Kepler based GPUs.

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Here! U.U

It’s imposible flying.

My GPU is 750ti with lastest driver.


It is quite unfortunate, and they’re also retiring the newer Maxwell 1.0 architecture which NVIDIA utilised in popular laptop variants from 2015 through 2017. The GTX 950M and the GTX 960M seem to be the most commonly reported GPUs being affected by this issue, and knowing how difficult or impossible it can be to replace a laptop’s GPU, it’s awful that they’re just retiring the cards for no reason so far.

They seem to be listening to people’s concerns if they are talked about a lot, so if we keep bringing this up to everyone’s attention by continuing to make Zendesk reports and posting about it in the forums, there is hope they will reconsider.


780ti, same issue no matter what gfx settings I use, same issue with all types of AA and even with AA off. It’s disappointing indeed, I also bought the premium deluxe edition and been enjoying this non stop even at low settings. I appreciate that technology has to move forward and we can’t keep supporting old hardware indefinitely but I still find it hard to comprehend that this was functional prior to the patch and now being brushed off as your gpu is too old, tough luck. As much as I appreciate Asobo’s work here if I’m expected to be convinced that this is a technical impossibility that would hamper their ability to move this title forward then ok well I’m even willing to accept that reality and come to terms that I will need to upgrade but we nevertheless deserve an explanation which is a bit more detailed than what we have been provided so far.


780ti and i have problem

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I agree. If it were the DirectX 12 update, I would accept such an explanation because Kepler and Maxwell are performing quite poorly in games using this new API. But since there was no discernible change in the cloud rendering system, and nothing in the patch notes either, it feels like this is just an excuse since there aren’t lots of people using these old cards anymore.

But considering that the GM107 and GM108 chips were being released as laptop variants for the 900 and MX100 series as late as 2017, and that GPUs like the GTX 780 Ti are no slouch even in 2020, I think it’s way too early to just render them obsolete.

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Gtx 960m 4gb here. Suffering the same problem. Can’t believe they can introduce a glitch that wasn’t previously there and then declare the hardware obsolete as a way of solving the issue.


Isn’t the xbox Series X release sceduled for 10th November?
Could it be that pulling the plug on older PC systems and the xbox launch are related?
Buying a new xbox is probably cheaper for most people than upgrading their PC.
There is surely a business opportunity here…

It is coming on 10 November indeed, but considering they haven’t made any announcement yet, I don’t think the simulator will be a launch title. There was a French interview last month where Asobo said that the console version will come in 2021.

According to the Feedback Snapshot, the DirectX 12 update is coming along with the Xbox release, which means that it will be a unified engine between the two versions then, but also that it’s still quite a while away. We know for sure it’s not coming any time soon, since Update #6 will be an optimisation update to the DirectX 11 renderer, Update #7 will be the USA World Update and Update #9 is looking to be a Simulation Update.

I don’t believe that to be the case no, artificially hampering features in old PC’s on this product in order to get them to buy an xbox is not something MS would bother with, hell I don’t even think MS wants to sell the xbox hardware per se, they want to sell gamepass as it’s making them a fortune and rightfully so it’s great value for money but I don’t think they care what platform you buy it on. I’m not a dev let alone a gfx technologies specialist so I can only guess that there is some feature implemented in the gfx engine which simply does not work with older GPU’s and causes this glitch and I’m not convinced Asobo themselves have an explanation for it. Maybe only Nvidia does but if there is certainly one conspiracy theory that we can entertain then that may indeed very well be that Nvidia has no interest in providing Asobo with a fix or explanation assuming that conversation would even be had as we can only speculate what happens when it comes to addressing issues like these but assuming they do they most likely would indeed be limited to maybe only a few generations of hardware, in practical terms if this happened on the 2000 or 3000 generation HW Nvidia/Asobo would be working overtime to fix it. On the older generations of hardware we are clearly at their mercy and I’m sure that they know very well that if they don’t fix it a lot of us will end up fixing it ourselves by throwing money at the problem because clearly that will fix the issue. But here’s hoping it doesn’t come to that coz 2020 has been rough and new hardware is not something many of us currently have the budget for. And hell if you do GL actually being able to find stock!


Let’s all make the zendesk report, made mine yersterday


Having the same problem with a GTX Titan Black; have reported to zendesk. It would be extremely disappointing if they stop supporting Kepler/Maxwell cards any time soon, as the top-end ones from that range have almost the performance of their recommended GPU, the GTX 970, far higher than minimum spec.

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Very interesting. I have the GTX770 2Gb card. I will check the details tomorrow and report back here.

Of note, I had no issue at first after the update and completed two hours in the Mod G36 turbo. Its seemed after this time it was when I pressed ESC to go to the menus and returned was when the flickering cloud started. Since then it has persisted


I have 970M and I have this issue on FXAA or DLAA, but the problem is solved on TAA or OFF.
Edit: are we talking about sky color or something else? I see post for two different issues.

It is actually about the flickering clouds, you can see a demonstration of the issue in this thread.

The second poster confused this with the colour grading issue that happens with FXAA and DLAA.

Your GTX 970M is utilising the Maxwell 2.0 architecture, which means you are not affected by the flashing cloud issue.

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