P-40B Tomahawk

Hey all,

I noticed the Tomahawk is on the marketplace now. I really like the Spitfire, but find it challenging to take off and land.

I was wondering what people thought about this aircraft. Especially compared to the Spitfire – is it worth a buy?


the Big Radials guys are both excellent guys. they do a great job, and they like hearing about the PBY Catalina. Also, theyve released their grumman goose - for free- and continue to update it…hopefully, theyll cook it up to MSFS standards and make it payware
the spit is a special bird. i havent used it in MSFS, but its a pain in DCS and IL2. i wouldn’t judge other warbirds by the spitfire experience
i would not hesitate to buy it, but i dont buy warbirds in MSFS- i like the full dakka dakka experience, and wanna blow stuff up, but i do recommend the plane regardless


In my estimation, it flies very well. It’s a bit less temperamental than the Spit but it is still a taildragger and must be managed on takeoffs and landings.

I got the plane – a few things…

  • Apparently you can blow out the engine. I am not sure how I did it, I’m not an expert, but I guess it was full throttle for too long.
  • The pilot does not display in third person view. This is a big deal for me – seems really shoddy.
  • Flying itself is fun. Take off is manageable by pumping right rudder. Landing has been difficult for me.
  • Sounds are decent.

Worth the asking price? I am on the fence edit but leaning towards no. For $30.00, I would expect my pilot to be visible! :slight_smile: I might change my opinion if I can just learn how to land this thing and not blow out the engine on my way. edit The engine blow out was related to full throttle. I actually think this plane is harder to land than the Spitfire.



Another observation …

  • I cannot set my center of gravity in this plane for some reason. It’s off center. In the Spitfire, I can configure it.
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Good people,
This is meant to be a Flight Simulator…not a game. It takes a heck of a lot of practice to get the “feel” of these aircraft. Be patient and keep practicing…success will bring its own reward.
A quote by a WAAF delivery pilot of the flying the Spit…
“…they were an Angel in the air, but a b.i.t.c.h on the ground…”


I can vouch for it, a great airplane with good attention to detail and, as far as I can tell having never flown a real one, a believable flight model. Very nice to see a slightly different choice of warbird in the sim also :slight_smile:

As mentioned above, it’s a tail-dragger so care is required on the ground and on take off and landing.


-Pilot not visible is a weird one, as its always been visible up until now. We’ll investigate.
-Same as the CG, its like any other plane really, you can set it either in the world menu, or in game, by dragging the fuel window to the right.
And yes, it requires practice to tame the beast.
-Engine didnt blow up, you ran out of fuel.

Have you read the manual?


Absolutely worth it if you’re into WW2 fighters. It’s a pleasant aircraft to fly because it is a bit more well-behaved than the Spitfire.

And there are reasons for that: the Spitfire mk. IX has a significantly higher power to weight ratio (500hp more and half a ton less weight) and very narrow front wheels, so pushing the throttle to the stops on take-off gets you in trouble fast with all that torque trying to flip you over.

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On the fuel thing – that’s interesting. I had 100% fuel on departure and was going less than 20nm. I’m not saying you’re wrong, the reason I thought I blew the engine was a YouTube reviewer said it was possible (similar to the Corsair but without visuals).

On the CG – it doesn’t work. I drag it, and it automatically resets itself. Whereas in the Spit for example, I can drag it to where I want within the boundaries.

I have the takeoff pretty well nailed down. The landing is the tricky bit for me. I find that you have to be very careful with your throttle on the approach. If you throttle down too much, the nose will dip hard and you’ll either flip it on contact or just crash. Once I realized that, I was able to get it on the ground.

The reserve tank isn’t very big. But I’ll assume you looked to switch tanks along the way.

I did not actually. It was a short flight (<20nm). I just punched the throttle 100% and was moving in toward the airport. Running out of fuel makes sense (I assumed it could go that far without running out) based on how the aircraft behaved in the scenario.

I forgot which reviewer (I can try to find it), but they said the engine can blow out if you don’t watch it, so I jumped to conclusions there on what happened.

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Boooooh, you did not read the manual! :smiley: You should pick a ver conservative throttle and prop settings to maximize your cruise time. And you should also monitor the gauge and switch tanks accordingly.

About the CG, i think you are actually RIGHT. I forgot we had put a line of code there, to force our default Empty CG, since this whole thing was bugged in the sim. And, we strongly disagree with the design decision to make the Empty CG “settable”. You can still play with your CG by moving weights around. But the Empty CG is hard coded at its optimal position.

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So, I was right about the CG and the missing pilot. 2/4 ain’t bad! At least I am helping you guys find a few issues. :smiley: Sorry I didn’t read the manual. I’m used to being able to fly most things without much research.

Not with us! We put a lot of emphasis on #ReadTheDamnManual :smiley:
Still not sure why your pilot dont show, we’ll investigate!

So, when’s the version with the Bush trip coming? :wink:

It’s in the latest update that came out today, sadly the gauge glass still flickers on the lower gauges though…

Where can I find the manual for the P-40b? Does it ship with the add-on? Or do I need to find it myself? Also, noticed there are no check lists for the P-40 in MSFS2020. Should they be there?

Did you get it via market place or did you buy it externally? For me the manual and all documentation that is needed is in the Documentation subfolder of the big radials p40.

I purchased it from the market place. I didn’t think to look where it was installed. I’ll check it out.