Pamir Flight of Ju 52 D-ANOY

I would like to present you the flight of the Ju 52 D-ANOY, which mastered the Pamir Mountains in 1937.
During the flight from Berlin to Xi’an the 5400 m (17700 ft) high mountain pass of the Pamir Mountains had to be overcome.
For navigation I fly, according to the conditions of the time, by sight, use compass and VOR.
Additional I use the maps of LittleNavMap which only shows the route, without any display of the position. When you fly over hours over open sea or deserts, it’s so wonderfull to hear the signal of VOR! :wink: Actually I made it all the way to Tehran.

If you are interested in the route, you can download the livery of the D-ANOY here:

You can find short movies about the different stages on my channel:



What a great historic trip for my favorite ride. These pioneers were men of steel. Great scenery, lots to see, gaining altitude is a real challenge with the weight. 50% trim just for level flight with full tanks at higher altitude.